Lighting in Release 225 Status


Every bullet point in this post was a hammer on a nail for me. I like what’s been done already, but awesome new chisel options and tweaks :ok_hand::+1::+1:


Wait, did I miss a memo?


I want to thank everyone who had a hand in this update! I love everything about this update so far. Well other than how extremely hard it is to find the exotic earthyam seeds but i thats not a problem. Thanks again!


First of all. I love the update. My build looks gorgeous now, except it is a little darker hence here we are

@james I understand for black storage to remain black. How about its content, would they be dark(en) as well?
Is it possible for the content of the stoeage block to appear bright if a torch is placed nearby?


Pretty much every block looks worse imo. Especially white marble, looks like glacier now. Cant see half the stuff in storage blocks. Can barely see wildstock running at you while hunting. And oh yea, everyone’s game was crashing multiple times at every meteor.

Mhmm, super update … so happy


Just want to say here that I’m r/g colorblind (just get the two colors mixed up occasionally), and after this patch I can easily see resource plants in tall grass for the first time. I still think things got a little too dark and I’m sad to see all the gleam builds suffer like this, but the colors and textures have been MUCH easier on my eyes. Felt like I should give this feedback and say thanks :+1:


I like this update, most of the things look really cool. Just certain blocks that sticks out a lot more atm, like stone (has weird line pattern that can take time to get used to).

I personally like the darker look, however, I must say building in the night is can be quite difficult since everything needs to be lit up.

Otherwise, 9/10 update, definitely the best one since December and I don’t even plan to use farming other than for decorations


It would be good if the block info said how much light the block (or mesh) emitted


Hehe none taken - I have been relatively transparent that I don’t care about farming so… Yay, great, next! Lol


You’re completely missing the point :slight_smile: Everything outside is perfectly fine, but he light in a completely enclosed room with no windows whatsoever should not scale with the outside light at all. Right now, it does.


I don’t quite understand. Can I still chisel the block to different shapes and then chisel the brightness independently? Or is it like, this chisel shape emits this brightness?


These gleam lanterns are made from Weary Violet gleam. Take a look at the shadows on the wall and at the floor. These shadows weren’t there before 225. it does look kinda cool… but it also shows that it is now nearly impossible to illuminate a building. I can’t added even more lanterns. :slight_smile:


(PS4) My first impressions of the lighting in the update is it seems to be designed for those that like to turn all the display settings up to max on their TV/monitor!

I can see that there is quality in there, but it’s like they have gone ‘lets turn all the dials up and work backwards from there’.

I need to try some new lighting options now, but the contrast doesn’t quite seem correct either.

Also, I have now had to turn off bloom and depth of field, as it just makes things blurry.

I know some of these things are being looked at, so hopefully it will be adjusted.

Edit: I’m also seeing a lot of blurring when looking directly at night green storage blocks and moving view left and right, was never apparent before.


I find myself in the same situation. There’s already a buttload of gleam in my place. If I want to get the look I had before, I can’t. Adding more gleam would be both ridiculous, and would not help.

Hopefully, that whole “transformation chisel increase gleam light intensity” will fix the issue and allow us to make ridiculously bright rooms again.


We can already do that with LED blocks. You use the changer to make it blink however you’d like & you can use the regular chisels to shape it.

So I’d assume that with a gleam block, instead of blinking, it would be something like:
Hit one = brighter
Hit two = brightest
Hit three = Eye of Sauron


Cool, I don’t use the LED blocks so I had no idea.


My stance on any MMO I’ve ever gotten into is either adapt to changes that you don’t like or quit playing.

I guess I should expect there to be people out there that don’t really share that kind of thought process too. I still think it’s a silly thing to quit a game over. :man_shrugging:

This isn’t going to be the first time something gets changed or introduced into this game and everyone has to adjust to it. That’s really all we can do is adjust the best we can if any of us continue to personally play the game still. I, for one, welcome with open arms the new lighting features as it can help bring depth of experience in visiting people’s locations that are built with a more variety of colors in mind.

I look forward to the transformation chisel idea for light sources too. Again, something that people will have to make adjustments for when or if we do get it.


And you wonder why some people don’t talk on this forum…

The absolutely non-situational awareness of telling a person that rarely posts to have empathy while degrading them with a bad selection of words.


Totall for it !!! great idea !!!


Well I did love this update till I seen how quick it took the new exo to be stripped clean. Why they thought it was a good ideal to only release 1 exo world to start with kinda blows my mind.