Loch Lomond and the mountain Tara - a settlement on Therka

How did I not know about this place? I must have been there, surely. I spent more time on Therka than anywhere else.

I may spend most of my time on Elopor these days, but Therka will always have a special place in my heart. I’d love to settle something in your town!

I’m a little short on both time and plots right now, but I’ll be sure to add something when I can. Are there any requirements I should be aware of? - or any specific style you’d like?


Hey. I’d be delighted to have you around and add up to builds. No requirements really. Try to use common sense and work around surroundings and along your own taste at the same time. Good example is a small water house near the bridge built by a guy long time ago. With all my portals up and running again you have easy access to and from Therka Market, Dragon’s Watch and my house on Munteen (next to a cemetery so a good hunting ground for oort stones/dark blood and blue gleam as well; very close to pre-fab altars too; it seats on amethyst caves although I haven’t checked how much worse it got after the famous distribution update).

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The Clan gets involved in the newest shop project in Therka Market, joining @Arkefyre and his idea of mining/hunting company. Thus, Clan’s little shop is gone and moved to a new area.

You won’t miss that sign, going East from @Jeffrotheswell’s portals.

Here’s The Funky Corner selling our usual set of stuff.

The big mall is raising up from the dirt and here’s the front of it. The building area is quite big and there are a lot of surprises on the way. We will make sure its not just a shopping space but also a fun place to go. More screenshots coming later, as I we don’t want to reveal too much too soon.


Our Munteen base got a road connection with Miner’s Bluff. Now we are one big settlement. It’s a bit of a stretch sp you are all welcome to build along the road and add up to it. You can get there through Miner’s Bluff and its portals or use Icy Mountain Clan base - we have a portal to our main settlement on therka and from there right to BAY Mart in Therka Market.

Mid-way between our base and Miner’s Bluff we have built a small shop called Red Water, offering high tier slingbows and hammers for Munteen miners and hunters.

Here’s the front of our Munteen base:

entrance to Red Water Shop - it’s on the side off a bridge over lava river:

and that can be seen here (view from the road from Miner’s Bluff side):

after turning around you approach Bluff:

Buy or not - it’s a must see due to its unique architecture! Get inside to witness the full power of nature on display. :sunglasses:


Red Water Shop reveals its interior.
A special little shop naturally heated by nature’s best.


A new villager started building in our main settlement on Therka. :sunglasses:

Around the same time a temple started raising up from icy and rocky slopes of Tara Mountain:

And the secret cave system has received some interior improvements resulting in underwater room.

Once again, new players are welcome to settle here, where ice, rock, trees and water meet in an inviting mix of mountains and lowlands. Our settlement offers help for new villagers, assisting in crafting and building, providing tools and materials when needed.
Meeting Of The Roads is a location on the ice bridge where one can find portals to Therka Market, Septerfon mining location and Munteen famous Miner’s Bluff.


Thanks The Great Oort for more plots.
Digging deeper into the Tara Mountain.

The new engine room:

Soon the Throne Hall will be ready - expanded and refurbished.


Receiving all the unusual colored gleam from @Cookviper (thank you, Sir, once more!) inspired me to do something I neglected for months. The gardens.
Months ago it was lack of plots. Lately (after amassing over 500 of them) it was the chisel update and re-shaping my builds (still ongoing).

But today…

Mountain Tara sits over Loch Lomond - a pretty, even though rather small, lake. Loch Lomond is accompanied by several smaller ponds as well as, unusually in this icy area, some lush and trees.

I had plans to connect all the cosy green areas with small bridges over the ponds and create small little cute corners of all sorts. Till today there were only 2 such havens made and 2 bridges built.
Here is the newest addition, sporting all 12 colors of gleam I have in my collection.

The Gleam Walk. Part I with 6 colors: from purple/pink through teal and greens to yellow.

Part II with the rest of colors (shades of oranges through red and topped with cream):


i can offer a portal on plaza to attract villager if ya want :grin:
just grab them from plaza lol
and a nice portal to a village is always welcome on plaza
just contact me if interested ill make em stand out :smile:

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That would be lovely. I do have a portal from BayMart but its a small tiny thing hidden in a corner for private use and a lot people miss it I guess.

thats why im saying it lol
im on plaza now if ya have time or give me a size ill set it up

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I’ll be with you in 2-3 minutes.

okz time to make cofe :)))))))

So, the portal Moebius Plaza <<>>Tara Mountain is officially open and running.
Big thanks to amazing @the-moebius :heart_eyes:

You’ll find it right under the arrow. Could it be any easier?


Hey, whats up! im new here! Currently have my little shack on Therka. Can move up to you guys if you re still out there!:stuck_out_tongue:


There is plenty space here for new settlers, so join in and you will get all help needed. :sunglasses:

i told you @boundmore

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So, there is a new settler in Loch Lomond area, just at foot of the mountain Tara.
@hvrijsen has built this nice house of stone and timber next to The Gleam Walk:

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Thanks to new villagers and builds, Loch Lomond have become a Village :sunglasses:

Come and settle here! Still plenty room to use - be it icy lake shore or groves and pools.


Loch Lomond and Tara settlement are history now.
The old gate and throne hall and the temple as well as the long bridge over the lake are gone (apart from some ruins of the old gate and tower). Only old Lake Villa over Loch Lomond and Gleam Walk survived, being placed far enough from the Tara Mountain.

No one knows for sure what kind of cataclysm ended life of once thriving halls of Ice People.

But life goes on and new builds has sprung from Tara Mountain again. Ice People dug deeper in it this time and has conquered its top as well, creating a new home that they called Moria.
Around it new settlers found shelter too.
Check how Moria grows on ruins of older days here: