A new settlement has sprung from ruins of once great Tara Mountain and Loch Lomond home of Ice People.
Here you can check its history:

Moria is a new dawn for Ice People, who refused to leave their ancient homeland and decided to rebuild after a mysterious cataclysm has erased half of their old home.

Loch Lomond lake and the mountain of Tara are full of life again.

A lot still needs to be done as more and more halls are being dug inside the mountain. But the corner stone of the new era is here.


Cool what style of architecture are you shooting for?

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Parts of it is a copy of known Moria art (be it Alan Lee, LoTR/Hobbit movies or video games). I will post more pics later showing gates and halls that are finished.

The parts that are only in style of dwarven in-mountain builds (a la Tolkien and post-Tolkien fantasy) would focus on use of rock, stone and refined rock plus decorative stones. I use gleam for lighting purposes.
The likes of machine rooms or smeltery are made with use of metals (machined copper/iron).
Important parts like a vault or throne room will also have gems and silver/gold to show off the riches of mining folks.

Settlement growing outside the mountain have freedom of style - whatever other players feels like building is cool. Its more like an addition to the actual Moria - settlers drawn by reputation of Moria will come and claim land for themselves and use help in building and progressing (and that help is always provided: be it tools or some resources or advice and information about where and how to mine or hunt etc.)

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So here it is.

The West Gate inspired by existing art. Not an exact copy. Also, need some more on top but that also means way more additional plots just to enclose the lower pillars.
another gate

The Secret Passage being an adaptation of very well known “Speak ‘friend’ and enter”: Less gloomy than in LoTR as my Moria is an inhabited version rather than an abandoned ruin infested by orcs, goblins and trolls (should I even mention Balrog? :wink:).

The South Gate, being my own design just following general dwarven mine kingdom theme:


Just finished Gem Hall and Miner’s Passage (a narrow gleam path through natural cave system, displaying resources found across Boundless worlds).

Gem Hall.

Miner’s Passage entered from Gem Hall, showing ores and coals after that.

Farther along the passage, showing fossils, ancient technology pieces and finally, gems.

The other end of the passage, showing gems, as seen from the South Gate side.


The gem Hall is gorgeous!