Looking for server and abit of Help


I am looking for a group to hang with. As well as Get a few questions answered.

How does one Zoom out to see the character while playing. I do not like first person.

I also wanted to know which servers are active. I never see anyone online when I go into game.


Pres “C” to cycle through multiple views of your character.

Read through the forums and you’ll find some messages from people about more or less active worlds and settlements. There are not a ton of people playing. There is a fairly active settlement on Lapas not far from the capital city - there’s message here about the location. There are also some people playing the C++ beta.


If you want to see other people, right now your best bet is to go on C++ build


I would be happy to play with you although I mostly play to suit Australian time zone.
Weekends I usually see more people.

Check out this post for our settlement on the C++ version of boundless. Even if no one is online you will have more of a chance to cross paths with other players. Look forward to seeing you in game!

C++ Settlement with active player hub:

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