Looking for vacant Legendville Mall owners

Looking to revitalize Legendville Mall and I’m going through old shops. Please restock (or if you’re shutting down your mall location I’d appreciate it if you’d debeacon and you’d make the plots available for new shops - but restocking is preferred of course!)

I know this is a long shot, but I figure I’ll at least get a few done!

If you know any of these people can you please help me get in touch with them?

Thanks everyone!

A6 Lamelli @alienvampire571
A12 Ether/DiceWarlock
A32 Cannabis
A37 Arylat / strasdenmarkt
A41 Slim/DragonKillQC
A43 Uacko
A45 @Blockk519
A49/47 @Huntsman
A56 Craftea/brucearsenal
A58 Crk/crk29th
A69 @KArios
B1 @Unciviled
B16/18 @Huntsman
B42/44 Baked
B50/52 TinyTwisted/twistedrocco007
B54/56 SilentKush66
C5 Roquepertuse
C7 BlackSpectre/RAGENOIRE777777

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Ouch! Now the rumours will fly about you being controlling and demanding too! Watch out for those! :joy:

I really, really, really wish there was an alternative way to handle this, I would love it if I could beacon them, costs me my plots, and then I can rent them out and as long as they pay their rent they have full permissions on the plots and I do not.

Of course even better would be an added request system where you can ask renters to do certain things, say I want to remodel my market/mall and want one or more shops to move to another spot nearby and if they don’t reply to it paying rent will not work, etc.

But such a system probably costs too much work for now, also would need a reliable PM system which is currently sadly not the case…



hehe, that works… I think I know silentkush from somewhere, and craftea sounds awfully familiar as well

discord: Thedorea#5002

PSN name is the same!

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@DKPuncherello I got A3 vyla for you dk-chan

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A16 is going to be built up in the near future, sorry it’s taken so long!

Also, it’s technically possible to do exactly what @AeneaGames wants with you owning the plots yourself by leasing them out with a guild. As I’ve understood that’s how (¯`·._.·(¯`·._.·Aquatopia's Sunken Town Mall ·._.·´¯)·._.·´¯) (expansion expansion expansion) does it.

Granted there could be an easier in-game way of doing this, but there would have to be considerable development done to achieve it.


Yeah I know about that system but it means shop owners don’t have full perms on it and others, people who run the mall/market, also have some perms on it. This is something that quite a few people do not like at all.

Plus it really is rather messy to set up! :smiley:

Do AeneaGames and I get a prize for helping you dk-chan lol


you def need it all on one account with GC to do it
but once thats all taken care off its a breeze to run
that the manager can touch your store i dont see the problem there
if he would steal stuff our reputation goes to zero and we can close the place
a bigger benefit is that we can reuse the store when players disappear plus the players get everything back whenever they return to the game
at sunkentown i dont even have access to the stores only wischl the builder off the mall and nobody has stuff that wischl needs our doesnt have ten times over allready lol


And when I proposed such things to some existing shop owners back in NL already they balked, some just don’t like it. Heck one even didn’t like it that I wanted them to build the shop before giving them the plots because ohmy I could steal their 40 deco gems!

Yup that is the main reason why I would like to do it.

I am thinking of remodelling my market in a few weeks/months depending on other factors (health and thus energy/time) and am seriously considering doing this too. If they don’t like the new way stuff goes, then there are other places they can open their shop!

Also, what I right now kinda find annoying is that I’m competing with buying oort with shop owners, not sure why they don’t think to themselves that if I am not getting enough oort that I can’t keep the portals open that THEIR customers are using is beyond me. I don’t mind competing with other items because those are for my shops, but that oort…
Anyway, why do I mention this, well, if they somehow pay rent or somesuch, or they only get a percentage of the footfall, it means they are actually helping to keep the market up and running which is what I would like!

Hey, can you pm me the details of how it’s all set up? So I can think how I would need to do such things for when I wanna change things around?

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you wright
this is something you can not do over night
thats why we taking our sweet time
i think for this we need build up a reputation first
one benefit we have is that most shopkeepers at our mall atm
took there time to listnen to us and understand the system
i def can write it up how we do it its actually quit simple
only downside is the crazy amount off guilds and factions and beacons you need
so without GC it doesnt work our you need insane amount off fuel
the system takes care off oort via a small cut that goes into a mall thrust


Pumpkins for all!

One next to mine (think it’s B1, I’m B3) is that vacant now? It’s not on your list and nothing was happening there? If its free id like it so I can expand my shop as I have more forged items to sell soon.

I have messaged Huntsman if you not spoken with him already :slightly_smiling_face:

I would never tell my shop owners they can’t sell something because I sell it too. But, that’s just me. And SilentKush is a good guy. I can help put you in touch, @DKPuncherello

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Well, good thing that it’s not just you! I don’t do that either!

This is not about selling, but buying through a request basket. And it’s not an item I use for my shops and thus profit, it’s about ROUGH OORT to fuel the market portals.

That I have to compete with shop keepers for buying rough oort to fuel the portals that THEIR customers are using to help their shops is what I was talking about as kinda not being so handy…

Besides that, I also did not tell anyone to not do this either, was just a generic complaint that some shop owners didn’t think about!

I apologize my response was not well written, but the intent was to say, I wouldn’t tell them they can’t have a request to buy rough oort, nor would I complain about it.

Everyone needs it and everyone should have the ability to request it. Whether it’s a shop owner or a hub owner.

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That’s @Unciviled plot think he gonna do something there

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Since I have never used a mall I don’t know how they work but is there a away that the “rent” could include a weekly number of Oort? If everybody was supplying you with just a couple that should help.

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Well, I am not planning on telling them, I’m not like that!

Am just wondering why they themselves don’t think it might not be the best thing to keep upping the price so they keep being the highest one buying.

Let’s face it, it would mean in the end I can’t afford to keep the portals open, then I have to close some (already happened actually) and then less customers can reach their shops.

As the market owner I also do not want to compete too much with shops and baskets either, and what I mean by that is that I am not the one engaging in price wars. If I have a new item I want to buy I won’t pay more than the highest there already, if selling something new I make sure it’s about the same as the rest. Of course if someone else suddenly starts selling something new or opens a new shop and they are lower or higher I am not changing it, they can see themselves that there were other prices already at the market. Common decency I feel that is, especially since I also run the market.

So, all I’m saying is that it would be nice that people would realise it themselves that with rough oort in such a case it might not be handy to compete with the person who keeps the infrastructure running!

If that’s complaining about it, so be it.

(for the record, I know I mentioned the word complaint but that was about people not realising it not being handy, not that I was complaining about them doing things or not)

Yeah I honestly have been thinking about such a way as well, but if people don’t normally need oort for themselves they suddenly would need to get it to pay rent, hence why I think that in the future I will just ask for coin so I can buy it somewhere myself.

Besides, I think I don’t even have to ask for rent if the system I use that I keep the plots and thus beacons which means I do get the footfall and I will then give a big percentage to the shopowners but not the full 100%, say I keep 30% or something for infrastructure costs, they get 70%.

Might be the best solution I think!

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