(¯`·._.·(¯`·._.·Aquatopia's Sunken Town Mall ·._.·´¯)·._.·´¯) (expansion expansion expansion)

·._.·(¯·..· Sunken Town Mall ·..·´¯)·._.·´¯)

I am very proud to present to you guys
a project we have been working on for a while now
the grand opening off the Aquatopian Sunken Town Mall
you will find loads off information about us below but
first i like to present oortboy from oortwaves instruction video


Niia zed ka -393N 389E


Via aquatopian embassy hub on beckon straight in the middle here

Via ultima world hub

our ya can grab a portal yourself in the centralized hubs

our ya can grab a portal yourself in the centralized hubs
around the infocenter

Big Shops

these are well explained in the above instruction video

single plot market style plots

there are two single plot markets above the info center off the mall
if you just want to run a small number off shopstand in a marketstyle fashion
our sell faster by selling on a hot ff location :smile:
then grab one off these they are also numbered and available to rent
MARKETZONE 1 around the fountains

MARKETZONE 2 in middle off this shop plaza


wonna talk about the mall /advertise/ ask stuff join the aquatopian empire discord
and check the channel called sunken town mall for all ya mall newz beside frequent forum updates and showcases


@Xaldafax english
@the-moebius english/francais/nederlands
@wischl (via discord) english/ deutsch

About us

we are some veteran players who been playing the game well before release
each with a decent reputation you can ask around for
we build this in first place cause we love building and in second place to have a more sustainable place to sell our goods all the profit generated by the mall users will be put back into the mall also cuase we freaking love this game :+1:

Big thx

thx to @boundmore for his epic video helping all the lost shoppers get found

thx to wischl who single handed dug out and drained this mall from a lake and filled it up with mozaik not for the faint of hearths if ya tell me

thx to @almund for help on the shopfinder 2000 and his expert special lock knowledge

thx to many more people and future shopkeepers for using our build and enjoying it that is what it is there for

thx to @Lesioui from sasquatch village for the help with crafting some needed items to finish all this he rulez :smile:

thx to @Xaldafax for the big help on fishing out the logistics off our new mall system and managing skillz


Crazy project! And what a nice video! Good job @boundmore!


Great work, and I LOVE BoundlessBoy there! :smiley:

Adds Fallout Vault to project list


maybe my shop in the mall could be a vault and I should put Boundless-Boy on the wall? :thinking:


Like I said before. I love it^^

that would be really cool i hope some creative people come install some off those wacky stores ive been seeing :smile:

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Im interested because of the Fallout and The Office references :nerd_face:


I LOVE THIS! These are the systems we need in this game and this is amazing. I feel like this is an evolution and concatenation of the shopping builds we’ve had recently. I love the leasing structure too. That’s hard to pull off without really good management history. But you guys have it.


we been testing this system on the mall under the aquatopian embassy hub for a while now with zero complains it would be cool if the dev who made the guildsystem come take a look and maybe look into a simplified system to adapt guildsystem to a mall setup atm its crazy amount off guilds and factions to get this working :nerd_face:
the shopfinder 2000 was a real job to get all those locks on individual signs and shopstand/request i hope to get some shops assigned to it in the next week
once they on the locks they can manage there display without fear off others touching it


Oh yeah, we do a lot of really complex permissioning too. It gets confusing really fast (unless you plan it out really well)

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good thing we messed up before building this big one hahaha

This is going to be interesting.

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·._.·(¯ ·. .· Sunken Town Mall ·. .·´¯)·._.·´¯)

we installing a fully powered chrysominter free acces
to all the mall shopkeepers and aquatopians



I gotta be straight with you bro…image
This is a creepy picture. It is not helping the cause of Pants… lol


new here?

progress is being made
today we be launching the public chryso and the top off the line display system
also we slowly becoming number one spot to portal travel on nia zed ka
various base and hub portals been popping up all over the place
stay tuned :smile:
i just drop some screens off various stuff
after this is done ill work on getting the quicksale single plot markets up and running contact me if you interested in a single plot spot to sell fast selling goods these are all placed together in a market style fashion giving also a nice boost to the Footfall earnings we pay out monthly
since you get footfall from all other market stalls aswell in this sort off setup


It’s the shoes… Teeny little creepy feet :rofl:


@the-moebius I picked one :slight_smile: thank youu

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Could i add a very specific store? Just selling specific forged gear (liquid collect etc) but have quite a big space to make it looks fancy?

yeah we have all sizes
pm me details our walk around and pic a location
then join the corresponding book and tell us the shop code so
we can grant acces then as added option you can join the mall managing book to get acces to a fully powered chrysominter and a display system in the central plaza it has 2additional shopstands and 2 requests and signs to guide people to ya shop plus advetising you can customize nonstop :smile:

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Anouncing next expansion mega theme parkzone including the location library relocation /spleef bomb battle arena relocation/portal roller-coaster from beta therka if you have a cool thing our idea for our theme park Def hit me up in pm’s we reserved a very big zone for our fourth province :+1: ow olmost forgot we soon have 10 fully decked condos for new and returning players to make a quick start into the game freeservice and last dunedragon made an awesome pirates ship to check out at the sunny beach province :+1: ah and I will add the atomium so I have little bit off Belgium in the game its that our our national symbol the peeing man of brussels