Lost coins while donating

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I just donated coins to my main guild and lost a lot more than I donated.
Had about 1.1xx.xxxc in my inventory, donated 360.000c and now got 465.595c left. I did check everything I could - I did not donate more by accident, I did not donate another time to another guild by accident and I, for sure, did not buy something worth several 100k and forgot about it.

Known bug?
unknown bug?

Where are my coins?:frowning_face:

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It’s been two days now. Any kind of answer would be usefull even if it it says “we need more time”.

to be honest my guild gets quite a lot of donations but no one ever had problems with that. you are 100% sure u didnt mistyped the amount? also guild leader of the guild u donated coins can check in the guild logs how much u donated. ask him to make a screen from the log so u can show it to devs if it really is a bug.

That stinks. Maybe there is a transfer fee. Jk. Hopefully this gets figured out.

funny that you say that. It was your guild :slight_smile: Ingame: Lapis. & That was the first thing I’ve checked. I also never did have any problems before. For me it said 1.080.000 before and 1.440.000 after - which is correct. Do you have other numbers?

ok let me check then can u log in?

yep we checked @james and something is really wrong here. coins missing.

Was it an automatic donation or a manual one? Is that your main guild?

Automatic donation? is that a thing? what do you mean?

Have you aligned your beacons to a guild or selected automatic donations on your beacon?
If the beacon/coin is guild controlled, it will automatically donate your coins

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Ah, that’s what you mean. No, none of it. Donated coins from my inventory. & yes it’s my main guild.

Did you log out right afterwards or have any internet issues at the time?

No. other than coins missing just the typical (about one minute) delay until it refreshs the coins that I donated.

Did you by chance have 1,185,595 before you donated?

If so, there was a double donation of 360k to the guild or 360k to the guild & the other 360k went into outer space :space_invader:

Could be. As I stated, I do not know the exact amount. Guild did not receive twice the amount and I did not donate another time

So space owes me 360.000 coins? :smiley:

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nothing new so far.

what you mean is not automatic donation, you mean footfall controlled by guild.

i had the same problem before some time, i spent 40k coins, but the guild logs say i have not spend any coins at this time. And this was to Ultima too and ultima is my main guild. And i have look to the other guild, nothing to coins was lost to space too

I’m not sure why the game would repeat the action twice. Did the chat channel indicate the amount of coin that was donated to the guild by any chance?

The other forum topic mentioned losing 40,000 coin:

It’s not the same guild, is it?

Hearth Guard is our guild we only have the one guild minus the public mint guild we set up within our hub. we are not affiliated with Saint-X
@vdragon we are not concerned about 40K man don’t worry about this whole post was just a warning to the community about some lag or patch shenanigans seemingly happening im pretty sure its the server lag that caused it at this point it was particularly terrible after the last hotfix for that day.

losing during transfer, i lost coins during spend coins to the guild

in my case the chat say nothing, only the coins was not any longer on my character, but this was before over 1 week

me too, ok i have lost 40k (that is not less for me, but its happen ok) but i spend no money atm more because i want not lose any coins again