Making fat c stacks

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So, now that my Exo shop looks like it’s going to be all but dead, I need a source of income. I also have a basic goods shop that sells just base materials (ores, creature parts, etc). Between the two I was doing alright, but now that I don’t think I can rely on Exology to bring in the big c’s, I’m kind of at a loss as to how to bring in some money. I have tried refining and selling goods from one of my planets, but so far that’s been a bust. Oort basically all goes to my portals, so I can’t generate coin there, and I don’t understand forging so that’s kinda out too.

Are there any other ways of making coin?

Checking butt for what people are buying and selling it straight to the baskets. Tho your ores and gems should sell easily if not too expensive.

I just came back recently and had to start over from scratch since I scorch earthed when I quit. I was able to get 100k from mining early metals and then I used that over at Golden Fist and bought a stack of forger T6 hammers. I took that stack of hammers to mine new rock colors and gems. When the first hammer broke, I’d brought in enough gems to resale and recoup my initial investment of 100k. I have 8 hammers left and anything I make with those will be straight profit to buy other things.

I’ve started building outside of the newbie center that was built in Lacuna (on Storis) and am slowly getting back in to things. Making money is easier now then it was when I quit, but only if you’re willing to sell directly at lower prices than selling things in your own shop. Especially in this current market flux where there is going to be some volatility for a while due to increased demands in various areas.

(also, @FireAngelDth what is butt?)

The best c’s I’ve made have been through mining.

Cardass is pretty profitable because of all the silver and gold. Get some speed brews, diamond hammers and go at it for an hour or more. I usually get 300,000 in one run if I mine for 2-3 hours.

I’m not rich so I’m not a great one to ask but that’s how I scrounged up 2mil for a project!

Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more…


This Is BUTT

You could also do it manually by checking prices on every planet from the knowledge tab. Long Painful process tho


We’re in a period of uncertainty as to how the supply and variety will develop until rental worlds become more consistent. We know a lot have just been for testing things and expanding the color choices and will not be renewed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the total number of worlds decreases next month from its current peak. Could be followed by another spike the month after.

The active population has clearly increased since the update, and I’ll be optimistic and say it will continue to slowly increase over the next couple months. That is always good for sellers. If the population stays up and a lot of experimental sovereigns die off, you could see a rapid boom in business.

Your post is interesting though because I bet a lot of people are experiencing the same lost business, while my relatively expensive oort shards are selling out after sitting in the stand for 2 months.


A forge shop might bring in some coin. There only seem to be maybe 4 or 5 well stocked since everyone is busy on the new planets.
Then again though, the raw creature mats might generate more, with the price of forged goods so low

Wow, ok that’s amazing. Just used it to sell 4200 emeralds. Talk about some fat c stacks. That was 1 hammer lol


How much C constitutes a “fat stack”

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A builders paradise would also be nice. Mine the gleam on the Sovereign planets and make finished goods with it. Like concrete and marble still does well I think. Also forged goods, doesn’t even have to be hammers. different chisels already good.


I’m glad someone finally assigned a unit to the standard 100k/1hr playtime.


Guess I have quite a fat c stack if 1mil is the standard for “a lot”

It isn’t the standard for a ‘lot’. For me it just seems a good way to denote a really commonly tossed around amount :woman_shrugging:
You’re talking thick bands.


there is only one c in fat stack :wink:

but for real: my first thought after the sovereign bonanza was that my exo shop and gleambow shop won’t be as needed, but then…
how many of the initial sovereigns will remain? if let’s say 50 colors were unlocked for any given block (be it gleam or rock or sand), 1 sovereign with each of those colors will need to remain active for them colors to stop being exo shop material

and there are still colors that will remain exo-only or gleambow only

if anything, the range of colors selling in before-sovereign prices will decrease; prices of other colors that happened to be unlocked and available for a while might decrease

so I will keep my shops - especially that I put a lot of effort building them and I like how they esthetically form important part of town

and like with different items in the past, when something stops bringing the usual level of profit, there will be something else to take its place

evolve to survive


There are no colors locked from rng for the planets. According to the devs. So that would mean there are no colors locked to Gleambow/Exo only.

Anything less than 10 mill isnt a fat stack imo (do i sound rich now? XD). I say we make this a Boundless term :joy:.

Can you spare a mil or two so I can be semi rich :joy:


Yes. This is why I don’t sell my sovereign gleams for the 1c people are offering. Most of these colors won’t be available. This stuff won’t likely be at old exo gleam pricing, but it will surely be higher than 1c. Same for all the other materials.


I’m aware of that - I mean actual state of things where some colors won’t happen for a long time for sovereign worlds.
So, life of some colors as rare will continue another while.
That market will continue to shrink, but still…

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