Market and Mall owners treated unfairly - contracts should be allowed


From looking at the last few months, maybe the biggest problem with this game isn’t the game itself, but how the community members deal with each other. I feel like a lot of the “fixes” people want for things aren’t anything more than “social bubblewrap”. Do we really need to make a bunch of changes to combat a couple of trolls and people that have issues talking things out?

The more I read these forums I am reminded of when I use to play with my sisters and cousins in our sandbox when I was a small child. It always ended with one person playing by themselves while everyone left because said child wanted everyone else to play the exact way they wanted. I was the oldest and I thought I was in charge and had all the good ideas. Turns out playing in a sandbox alone really wasn’t all that fun for a 9 year old.

TL:DR Trying to make others play your way just leaves you alone in a plastic turtle filled with sand while everyone else is having fun without you.



:eight_pointed_black_star: I decided to respond because you keep mentioning my name &/or the mall my friends & I created.

:eight_pointed_black_star: I also don’t like it when people speak for me, nor when they make incorrect assumptions about how someone else feels or what they think.

Empty shops are none of my business. I have not once said anything to anyone about their shop style, their inventory, anything. It is a non-issue to me because all of the shopkeepers are 100% in charge of their own spaces. The game says their beacon/their space/their business. I don’t pressure them to do anything, I don’t try to make them feel bad/guilty…I do the opposite. I try to be kind and motivate people instead. I even go out of my way to help people that have been unkind to me.

I am a very private person. It seems you are making some assumptions about me & my life that are very wrong.

:thinking::thinking::thinking:From their posts, the devs were apparently monitoring the regen bomb issue, responded, & will be taking some action. I’m sure they don’t act out of haste because every little change they make to the game can cause ripple effects. BL is not a simple platformer game. It’s a complicated MMO sandbox. Every action/inaction effects everything. Kinda like a virtual game of chess.


How about we stop trying to tell people how to Boundless?


i dont think anyone is saying mall/shops need to run x way just that the OP proposal should be allowed to be used for those that like the idea or would use it. in sandbox game if you dont have systems in place you are just asking for trouble…malls especially seem to have the most consistent drama in the game then any other playstyle tbh that should have been a red flag a while ago that the shop system may need a rework or at least a looking at.

i lost count of how many malls have shutdown due to trolls, drama or a internal war between owners and shop keeps


I hear you, but portal hubs have shut down, cities have shut down…it’s not just markets & malls. There’s no good way to put a band-aid on these issues.

I agree with @Xaldafax that it’s more of a fundamental issue with beacons, plots, permissions, etc.


I need to apologize to both @AeneaGames and to @majorvex, I tend to use those I know for examples, not because they are the main ones, just easy for me and others to see as real.

I don’t know what majorvex does in real life, I know she has a job, assuming a family, friends, a life outside of this game. She has friends who help her with the mall and it is a great place to go to. I have gone to many malls, some to check out items, some for just something to do. I have seen the same thing at each and everyone of them, shops that seem to never have restocked, the same amount of a item for sale on a stand, same items still left there. Some eventually shut down, some just seem to end up deserted and no one goes there any more, it is like a ghost mall, market or shopping area.

Go through a portal to a planet to go gathering and it looks dead, shops everywhere, and I can go to a couple often for my favorite gathering spots. Never have I seen a person there, not even players in that city or town, it is a ghost town, I never remember their names so can’t state such and such city,

I see the same items on the same stands, the same number the same price. It’s as if they just vanished, whisked secretly away. We all know of course that many are from original players who built those towns and are taking a long break or may have even quit.

But present towns, cities, settlements that have people running around, I worry about them, I see them being filled with shoppers, that shop owners are making coins and are feeling positive about the game.

Then, all of a sudden, there are less and less shoppers in that mall, market, open area and the shops no longer have the items I used to buy, the stands are now empty or some have just one or two and never seem to sale them or restock them.

I was at another shop, Mom and Pops, and it seems that there are less items for sale, I wonder, are they okay, did something happen to them that they can’t play, such a loss if it has. That is one of several shops that I used to go to, I won’t go into their names, remember Mom and Pops because I was there yesterday looking for some items I used to buy, and have stopped several times in the last few days and no restocking on them.

I care about people, even people that I don’t know, who I saw here on the forums or in shops they had all over the place and I may have never met them, but I feel that somewhat connection because I shop there often. But then all of they sudden stop restocking, stop posting here on the forum, seem to not be playing any more; are they okay? Can I help in any way, say a prayer, be a ear for them to vent to?

Yes, James did responds to the problem about the griefing on the hunts, but how long was it going on before he did? And am I blaming him? NO, absolutely Not! He is busy, he is constantly on the test servers checking up on what is very important to everyone now, the farming testing, seeing what needs changed, tweaked to make it better. I’m surprised he has time to eat a meal and I am making a guess his family at this time sees less of him because of his commitment to this game; and I bet the same with the other developers.

He needs some help, and it isn’t his fault, it is the fault of those who pay the bills.

I have been trying to think of ways that can help both the show owners and the mall, market and open areas around cities and portals to not suffer from being griefed, is that why some have shut down, it seems that there are a lot of griefing problems lately,

My field was psychology, my focus was on Human Behavior, what causes people to act the way they do, what are the factors in the changes of how we, society, respond things differently now than we did 10, 20, 40 years ago. What can be done to help the general public, teachers to realize that a child who is acting up may have a mental illness and you have to change how you handle them. Why, What and How are always on my mind concerning any situations; in real life and in games,

So, again, sorry to seem to have picked on certain ones, I “know” them and their names, but not the ones in other malls, markets, shopping area that I see that no longer have items for sale, very few players there any more looking for stuff to buy.