Minor Bugs in the Forum

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Hey Devs @James, @ben, @OortSimon,

since Oort become Boundless i’ve found some minor naming buggs around the Forum

  1. Badges (Wayfarer, Pioneer) are dedicated too Oort-Online, not Boundless
  2. i’ve two Badges, 1 for Pioneer and 1 for Wayfarer

last but not least i’m not sure how to add tags to a Topic …

i see only a few tags at all (missing: international, german eg.) :frowning:

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@ben can fix the badges.

The tags are user made - so simply create a german tag. They are not linked to categories.

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i can’t do anything with it … if i press enter nothing happens. is this a problem of my browser (IE 10) ?

Are you looking for that?

nope, i found out it’s working. i thought there should be a “visual” Feedback that you added the tag or something and not “No matches found”. so this Point is done :slight_smile:

Hmm, Can we have our “Oort powered” back? … I am Oort Powered, not “Boundless powered” ^^ … Never forget the origins :wink:


In case it matters - I also ended up with two backer badges (not that I mind).

Totally agree with @TheBirne too, “Boundless powered” sounds so weird :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also, one minor nitpick on mobile (that teensy image!):


Another issue I’ve been having is that if you press “Dismiss” in the unread tab, it doesn’t work until you switch to another tab then switch back.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended … but if someone splits a topic like @Havok40k did with my post from “About Oort Shards …” (where i’m the top-most poster / OP) he is shown as original poster.

As far as the forum is concerned, he’s creating a new thread and thus is the “author” or “creator”, earning him the spot of original poster.

Yep, the forum is rigth from the perspective of the forum … but from a logical perspective (or argumentativ) it’s false because he is not the OP :smiley: that’s why i’m ask if it’s a bug or lazy implimentation :smiley: how can someone be OP if he is not top-most-poster

In my mind it’s not false from a logical perspective. He’s creating the post. He’s posting it. You’re the top most person, but he’s the one who created the post.

It’s all a part of my world domination scheme.

  1. split all posts, becoming op of half of all content.
  2. unlist all posts that I am not op.
  3. ???
  4. profit.

I see this :smiley:

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He’s able to reset the Author after splitting. I’ve done this in the past - so I assume he also can.


I did not know this and have never tried… neato

Found an other one …

the “Steam Powered” Badge is missing now and then. If i refresh a few times it’s back again. I noticed it’s the only badge i have that is still linked to the Oort-Online Domain (maybe this is causing the problem).

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The Steam Powered badge shows up for me. Not sure why it wouldn’t show for you.

Anyone else hitting this?

#some small mistakes in the badges

  • what Backer level is the chieftain ?
  • I miss the text behind the chieftain, like all other Level “Early access…”
  • Oort Online => Boundless
  • sorting, it looks better if it sortet from the lowest Backer level to the highest Backer level

  • you have changed the Oort Powerd to Boundless powerd but you forget the the text from the Steam Powerd Badge
  • “For true pioneers!” Sounds like something wrong, can be misunderstand with the Backer Level, i think

  • Oort Online => Boundless