MMO Gamer Psychology / Player Personality Test


You must hereby relinquish said points and reapply them to the Achiever category. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


67% Explorer
67% Socialiser
53% Achiever
13% Killer


I think we all knew pandas were adorably cute and social creatures, … but sometimes we forget that 13% of the time, they have claws :wink::rofl:


Ok, who else reading this thread is dying to see what results the devs get?

Care to start us off, @james ? :grin::wink:
Or any dev? @luke-turbulenz , @vdragon, etc…?


Explorer 60%
Achiever 53%
Killer 47%
Socializer 40%

It’s quite true, I try to kill players as much as I try to socialize :sweat_smile:


Test is weird for me lot off stuff i wonna do both if ya follow but i retry tonight :slight_smile:


I did the test and I got this:

You are 73% Socialiser
What Bartle says:

Socialisers are interested in people, and what they have to say. The game is merely a backdrop, a common ground where things happen to players. Inter-player relationships are important: empathising with people, sympathising, joking, entertaining, listening; even merely observing people play can be rewarding - seeing them grow as individuals, maturing over time. Some exploration may be necessary so as to understand what everyone else is talking about, and points-scoring could be required to gain access to neat communicative spells available only to higher levels (as well as to obtain a certain status in the community). Killing, however, is something only ever to be excused if it’s a futile, impulsive act of revenge, perpetrated upon someone who has caused intolerable pain to a dear friend. The only ultimately fulfilling thing is not how to rise levels or kill hapless drips; it’s getting to know people, to understand them, and to form beautiful, lasting relationships.
You are also:

67% Explorer
47% Achiever
13% Killer
This result may be abbreviated as SEAK


I get what you’re saying. Several people I’ve mentioned the test to have said the same thing. I guess the bottom line is if you had to do/choose one or the other, which would win out? And I wouldn’t be too worried, a test with that few differentiating questions is bound to be somewhat inaccurate. Just go with you first instinct, we won’t judge :wink:


It’s interesting to me that we are (so far) the only ones to score 100% on Explorer, but we seem to disagree on many aspects of the direction or implementation of systems that the game should take. Perhaps its worth noting here that other/later versions of the Bartle tests redefine the Killer aspect (which was initially inherently PvP-ish), as a more Competitive aspect?


L.M.A.O. :joy::rofl:


For some reason this game attracts a lot of Explorers. :thinking: :rofl:

You are 80% Explorer

You are also:
60% Socialiser
47% Achiever
13% Killer

This result may be abbreviated as ESAK


you can kill with awkward socializing

The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology

@boundmore is 73% Explorer

He is also:
73% Socialiser
47% Achiever
7% Killer

He is an ESAK.


The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology
You are 73% Achiever
What Bartle says:

:diamonds: Achievers regard points-gathering and rising in levels as their main goal, and all is ultimately subserviant to this. Exploration is necessary only to find new sources of treasure, or improved ways of wringing points from it. Socialising is a relaxing method of discovering what other players know about the business of accumulating points, that their knowledge can be applied to the task of gaining riches. Killing is only necessary to eliminate rivals or people who get in the way, or to gain vast amounts of points (if points are awarded for killing other players).
You are also:

67% Explorer
40% Socialiser
20% Killer
This result may be abbreviated as AESK


I looked through the results so far. Decided that one needs more than 10% difference between 1st and 2nd score to be qualified as a certain type. 10% and less difference makes you a combined type.

So far we have:

9 Specific Type Players:
9 Explorers: @Stormsoul @ElfMarine @Liveey @Chivlet @PendragonTheNinja @Swede @Kirinvar @Spoygg; GreyArt247 (can’t @-mention more people in this post)
1 Achiever: @Woe
1 Killer: @Karko
0 Socializers:


And continuing from the previous post:

5 Mixed Type Players:
3 Socializers/Explorers: @AmandaPan @MrGamer117 @boundmore
3 Explorers/Achievers: @Kelgors @Dulki @Wschichl
1 VERY SPECIAL TRULY MULTITYPE Explorer/Achiever/Killer/Socializer: @SethLarcomb :no_mouth:

(I can only mention up to 10 players in one post!)


80% Achiever
73% Explorer
33% Socialiser
13% Killer


A long winded post on the opinions of a 1000-hour player

Awesome share, thanks a bunch :slightly_smiling_face:

You are 93% Explorer
60% Achiever
33% Socialiser
13% Killer
This result may be abbreviated as EASK

And it’s pretty accurate gotta say :+1::+1::+1:


93% Explorer
47% Achiever
33% Socialiser
27% Killer

The Socialiser score for me is definitely way too high.


And yet, here you are, taking part, and talking about it in the forums :wink:


Due to limit of mentions in one post, I repeat updated list here with no @s. Feel free to copy/paste to your post when you complete the test (adding yourself to relevant group of course).

So far we have:


10 Explorers: _Stormsoul, ElfMarine, Liveey, Chivlet, PendragonTheNinja, Swede, Kirinvar, Spoygg, GreyArt247, Jeffrotheswell _
1 Achiever: Woe
1 Killer: Karko
0 Socializers:


3 Socializers/Explorers: AmandaPan, MrGamer117, boundmore
3 Explorers/Achievers: Kelgors, Dulki, Wschichl
1 VERY SPECIAL TRULY MULTITYPE Explorer/Achiever/Killer/Socializer: SethLarcomb