MMO Gamer Psychology / Player Personality Test


So interesting, and helpful in understanding others and their perspectives and motivations, no?

Perhaps we can move forward from here with more understanding of each other and our needs/wants/goals, and try to accomodate each other a little more? :crossed_fingers:


You are 73% Explorer
What Bartle says:

:spades: Explorers delight in having the game expose its internal machinations to them. They try progressively esoteric actions in wild, out-of-the-way places, looking for interesting features (ie. bugs) and figuring out how things work. Scoring points may be necessary to enter some next phase of exploration, but it’s tedious, and anyone with half a brain can do it. Killing is quicker, and might be a constructive exercise in its own right, but it causes too much hassle in the long run if the deceased return to seek retribution. Socialising can be informative as a source of new ideas to try out, but most of what people say is irrelevant or old hat. The real fun comes only from discovery, and making the most complete set of maps in existence.
You are also:

60% Socialiser
53% Achiever
13% Killer


The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology
You are 73% Explorer

You are also:

67% Killer
40% Socialiser
20% Achiever
This result may be abbreviated as EKSA


Your likely to want to take most of the actions they state. You are deciding which one you want the MOST if faced with a choice. Thus it helps to rank your priorities versus I do like doing X, and I don’t like doing Y.


@Stormsoul @PendragonTheNinja @boundmore

Based on what Nick talked about. Perhaps we are seeing that like MMO’s attracting a certain personality type, this game by its design is also attracting players that’s values are largely closely aligned. And perhaps this group type in mass is why the community is such a good group. After reading many user’s steam reviews I noticed it is one of the things most frequently mentioned.


93% Explorer
53% Socialiser
33% Achiever
20% Killer



So far we have:


12 Explorers: _Stormsoul, ElfMarine, Liveey, Chivlet, PendragonTheNinja, Swede, Kirinvar, Spoygg, GreyArt247, Jeffrotheswell, Gorillastomp, Heureka _
1 Achiever: Woe
1 Killer: Karko
0 Socializers:


3 Socializers/Explorers: AmandaPan, MrGamer117, boundmore
3 Explorers/Achievers: Kelgors, Dulki, Wschichl
1 Explorer/Killer: Tarahyumaro
1 VERY SPECIAL TRULY MULTITYPE Explorer/Achiever/Killer/Socializer: SethLarcomb


Anyways, where is the builder type in this test ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


its probably a subtype of achiever - you like to achieve certain goal like super-duper build or amassed riches or highest level or highest prestige etc.


It is interesting you two mention this. The first test I looked at linking to used an even more pejorative term for this category, “Griefer”.


This test was originally constructed to analyze MUD players in the 90s. Not a perfect fit.


Would be great if someone could take this test and adapt the questions to boundless. And now we would have a better idea of what the community is.


The wiki offers a lot more detail and explanation on the player types, it is a really good read.


You are 87% Explorer

You are also:
53% Socialiser

53% Achiever

7% Killer

This result may be abbreviated as ESAK


omg… I’m an explorer/killer and I’ve closed myself in a ugly tower, crafting and not spending points on hunting…

maybe i should love myself more than this and go with an alt character and throw this one ahahah :smiley:


You are 60% Socialiser
What Bartle says:

:heart: Socialisers are interested in people, and what they have to say. The game is merely a backdrop, a common ground where things happen to players. Inter-player relationships are important: empathising with people, sympathising, joking, entertaining, listening; even merely observing people play can be rewarding - seeing them grow as individuals, maturing over time. Some exploration may be necessary so as to understand what everyone else is talking about, and points-scoring could be required to gain access to neat communicative spells available only to higher levels (as well as to obtain a certain status in the community). Killing, however, is something only ever to be excused if it’s a futile, impulsive act of revenge, perpetrated upon someone who has caused intolerable pain to a dear friend. The only ultimately fulfilling thing is not how to rise levels or kill hapless drips; it’s getting to know people, to undertand them, and to form beautiful, lasting relationships.
You are also:

53% Explorer
47% Achiever
40% Killer
This result may be abbreviated as SEAK

note: i dont like exploring to much
did someone get the defenition what explorer means?

i find this test a bit iffy but i did not have time to look at the research behind so i give it thumbs up :slight_smile:
i was thinking low on explorer and killer


More detailed explanations of all of them can be found on the wiki.


87% Explorer
53% Achiever
47% Socialiser
13% Killer


now i understand they did not update it lol 1996


You are 80% Explorer

53% Achiever
40% Socialiser
27% Killer
This result may be abbreviated as EASK

I am pretty sure they forgot to include a question about wanting to have the best shop in them game