Modders, help?

Hello all!

Seeing all the wonders modders do in the gaming world, I have high hopes that we can find a solution to this. I know the devs might not want to mess with the balance of the worlds so i understand but is there a way we can temporarily while building turn off rain/snow/night and just keep it a bright beautiful day? It is totally frustrating that its been night/raining/snowing for the most of the past 3 hours that ive been building - it just takes the fun and enjoyment out of building especially if its dark blocks that youre using lol. Before you tell me, i have the light skill but the building is so big that 15 plots away, everything is black on the other side so i have to keep walking back and forth to visualize the building. I dont have a specific design so i am trying different looks. Bet it would be easier to build at night using a design.


You can “customize” your weather via two .json files… I’m at work so I don’t know the exact names but it’s something like “weather effects” for defining individual effects and another “weather?” for defining the effects used in each type of weather… so it is generally easy to turn things off like rain fog etc… even the sounds iirc… the down side is that there are A Lot of things to edit depending on what you’re going for.

As far as the day/night cycle… I think @Simoyd knows something about that…

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