Modular Creature Statues - what materials do you think they should require?

If these totem pieces were added to the game, what would people see as an acceptable recipe?

They look like they could be made out of refined and decorative stones, and maybe some form of glue… but should they also require the harder to obtain creature parts, such as Hopper Cores, Roadrunner Feathers and Spitter Scales?

Should they also contains some form of metals or something else entirely?


Possibly a combination of nails and glue or bonding agents to hold them together.

There could be wooden, stone and metal versions. Perhaps with different gems as decoration pieces, such as eyes. Or gleam, if you want them to glow.

Spitter scales or Wildstock horns could be used for decorating, too.


Yeah I think they should require trophies too… or ‘x amount of creature types slain’ if that were possible.


they are fancy things, they shouldn’t be too cheap. animal trophies would make sense (even multiple (with the exception of feathers ))


Cool idea! Yeah if it could be linked into the achievements/feats that could be a fun way to unlock a recipe for them


Yea I’m good with using trophies in recipes for those as long as it’s within reasonable amounts.

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Meteorite Ichor & Blink / Umbris / Rift :smiley:
This will keep them rare



Take the negative posts elsewhere, please - this thread has been constructive so far.

The assets are done - they just require recipes, which is what this discussion is about.


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I think that one is the warp wraith, formerly known as the hunter.

It was on the release roadmap a long while back, but something unknown got in the way. AI maybe?

On-topic, yes, I think using trophies for the recipes is a good idea. Yes, even our precious feathers.


I think those should contain creature trophies for the rarity factor. Shouldn’t be an issue since building a house out of these only would be a dumb idea :smiley:

So recipe content I’d recommend:

creature trophy (of its kind)
refined stone (to determine color)
bonding agent or a different kind of glue
refined Gleam or a common/rare metal

so yeah, basically same thoughts. ^^


I will agree that to build an entire house out of them would be too much but they would make great capitals for columns or to use as a fresco along a wall or the top of a door. If they use rare components just to make them rare then you limit the use of them.

I think they should not require hard to obtain creature drops. Everything in the game does not have to be rare or hard to come by. All that does is reward the players that can play 5+ hours a day and further demotivate the casual players.


What would be the color determiner? Would they be sprayable?


Interesting question. I would think the stone would be part of the color determiner, but what about the ones that have more than a single color? Do you use one type of stone for the main color and another for the secondary color?


Stone and wood would be cool. Stone for primary and wood for secondary and accents


I think stone for determining colour, definitely. Like with other objects, the 2nd colour would likely be fixed. So example in the 2nd image, the Yellow, Purple and Teal would all be the primary determinable colours and the other greyish colour would be fixed.

If I remember correctly, there were problems with using multiple colours on meshes (not sure on the actual issue though), so they can only use one tintable colour.

How about using something like creature eyes to determine the statue type, as opposed to using trophies (as trophies are in fairly high demand for forging already).


If you can set multiple colors then I would go with:

Recipe for one totem:

5 - Decorative Stone (main color determined by this)
5 - Refined Wood (determines the secondary color)
2 - Glue
1 - Creature eye (determines the type of totem)

For the creatures not released yet maybe substitute blood?


While it would increase the scope of getting these statues into the game, it would be cool if the color were somehow linked to the creature color on the world you are hunting on. If the trophies were tinted to the creature color, it would let you collect rare-colored trophies if you find a world with a cool color.

Note that this would be cool, and not necessarily fun or good for the game. I’m on the fence on if I think these trophies should be color-rare like gleam or not - color rarity will drop a lot for everything but gleam when this next update eventually comes out.

If something like this were implemented, monster color selection for sovs would be really important, though.


Cuttles only drop trophies and float sacs though right?

I don’t forge, so I can’t really speak on scarcity, but this is a rare occasion where I’m in favor of rare drops in the recipe. We do need more low level blocks but I don’t think this has to be it. These look to me like status symbols, more so than something like oortian marble.

And I totally understand if you don’t want to muddy things up with speculation, but from what you know at this time does this seem like something that could be expanded into tiers like plain/stylish/deco? Because that could be where scarcity comes into play. Basic drops for stone; trophies for marble…

Also I’d like to add that if the color pattern works the same way as mosaic (like using white stone for that wildstock totem would give it a light grey trim while a light green has a darker green trim etc.) that would be a dream come true. I’ve been wanting to come up with a gargoylish design for my current build but some mostly-white versions of these would be :ok_hand: