More skill pages or more points per skill page please

hello as a person using his main for everything and i assume some others do.
i kinda feel limited to the 5 skill paged as i have
at times i still have to remove/redo skill points


but as for miner, i like to have an extra page that is fully focusing on shovels
and for example my Hunter could have another one for bows and other for fists

please let us have max of 10 skill pages

Or more points per skill page

also to add

@james can we get some info on this please, if we will be able to get more skill points per page or more skill pages/rename pages at some point


I use two alts and a main and 5 pages just isn’t enough. I bet I’ve spent more cubits on skill cleanse points than plots, lol. 10 pages would be fantastic


The issue is here where do you stop? People will always want more pages for that niche gathering build etc and if theres 10 pages why not just let us put points into everything on one page.

Also, it’s hard enough knowing what 5 pages are without being able to name them, so 10 would confuse me.

I agree having more would be nice but I guess having the ability to do anything anytime would ruin the need for shops etc


Naming them would be nice too.


we stop when we cannot put anymore skill pages on the GUI?
i know i suggested a naming option more then a year ago, maybe they can add some sort of hovering effect that tells you the what number is what skill page (example hover on 5 tells u hunter)
skill pages are in no way harm to shops tho?

i could get my alt to lvl 50 in a couple of hours and use those pages if needed
but i don’t want to be limited to my skill pages and use alt chars to do what i like to do on my main.

you don’t have to purchase alternative skill pages but others that like to would love to
and i know for a fact you will end up buying another page xD

edit: added rename link to official post

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I agree lets just allow players to put all their skill points into a single skill tree and eliminate all of the non-combat instances where you have to choose between one skill or another.


I third this, it’s just inconvenient in an annoying way. I’d rather see some more complex system if we’re gonna be limited about putting everything on one page. Currently it doesn’t seem very thought through, it’s ok as a first iteration, but it could use some love definitely, or just let us put more than 100 SP into one page.


I’d like the ability to name skill pages as well.


That too :+1:


Instead of adding more skill pages, I’m more in favor of more skill points per page. Calculating it, I would say 150 per page would be a vast improvement.


That would be awesome improvement


Shoot if they do ever do this, they can have my alts back. I would have preferred this from the start one character will one unlimited skill page where I can do what I want.


While 150 might be too against the plan of the devs… even 125 would do wonders for characters whose skill points feel very tight. I can’t have some of the things I wish I could have on my miner because miner skill pages run very tight. 25 more points would be perfect. If they went to 150, I might actually die of joy. :slight_smile:


more points per skill page would solve it too yep


Naming would be great.
More pages too.

Also it’s weird that you stop getting skill page resets at higher levels. I have 2000 cleanse points and only 1 skill page reset.

I think you should be able to change pages anywhere you have permissions. And I certainly wouldn’t mind more points per page - or give us things like portals and mass craft for free.

While we’re on skill pages, the default new character run speed is a little bit stupidly slow.


And walk speed too. I’d really like to see devs taking interest in how skill system is working for players. It didn’t have any adjustments since it was introduced, except for farming. Some balancing would be nice.


My vote would be for more skill pages + rename pages + dropdown menu (so you don’t have to worry about them fitting in the GUI).

I would definitely benefit from having more skill points per page but to be honest I feel like 100 points is an interesting constraint and I appreciate having to decide which combination of skills/roles I’ll be putting into one limited page.

There are certainly some skills, though, where it is sort of annoying to have to switch skill pages, like
Portal Epic or Tax Epic. As someone without Alts, I already find it annoying having to switch every time I’m going to check on my shop, or even running through my shop.

I also consider crafting skills which usually don’t interact with other skills, but you could argue would benefit from something like Control/Dex/Agi/Zeal.

I think you should be able to buy 1 special skill page called Beacon Page or something like that, which can only contain Portal Epic/Tax Epic/Spanner/Chisel/Crafting Skills/Volume Crafting/Attributes, and are automatically active alongside your current active skill page (non-stacking, ofc) in your home Beacon (and possibly in any beacon you own, or any beacon you have permissions). Since this page is a parallel page, if you wanted your crafter to also have other skills, you would put those other skills on a normal skill page which you activate while doing crafting stuff. Practically speaking, I think this can be done in a way that doesn’t change what anyone can do with these skills, and just adds the convenience of not having to switch skill pages while at home/in your beacons/in permissioned beacons. Also, since you have to buy it with cubits like a usual skill page, this isn’t really a buff.

The motivation behind this suggestion is to provide an option which reduces annoyance while maintaining current constraints as much as possible (QoL while trying to avoid buff).

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Well here’s my unpopular opinion: it should stay as it is. Being able to do everything would sap all the meaning out of deciding what to put skill points in. There should be some sacrifice, some give and take, to make switching between skill pages have some importance. Just making things easier only feels good at first but it also removes the sense of reward for overcoming a challenge. You only need to look at creative mode to see how having everything come easy makes everything feel like less of an accomplishment.

Also, after level 50 there is already a ridiculous amount of cubits awarded every level, so much so that it devalues the currency entirely for anyone who has been around for a while. After adding more plots is superfluous, skill cleanse points and page resets being necessary is the only real money sink there is for cubits. Its nice to imagine being able to have all the skills but the restriction on them is actually a source of long term engagement.

Throwing my two cents out there.

Things I agree with:

  • More skill pages on a character. Why the limit of five? There’s a 15 minute limit on changing pages, who cares if one character can have 10+ pages.
  • Not having a 15 minute cooldown if you change page within your home beacon and then go elsewhere. This is incredibly annoying and I would love for it to be done away with!
  • Renameable pages. Hell yes, all the upvotes!

Things I disagree with:

  • Unlimited skill points on a single page. No. You don’t need to be that OP, no-one does.
  • Walk speed on a new character. Yeah, it’s slow. It only feels that way because you’re used to not moving slow. I had no issues at the start of the game with walk/run speed and given that sprinting doesn’t drain stamina, I think it’s fine how it is. Gives agility more of a reason to exist.

Things I’m iffy about:

  • More points per page (+20-50). I’m on the fence about this because while I would really like to have more points on the one page (especially for a hunter) it would just end up creating meta-builds. You want a miner, use exactly these skills. A hunter? Exactly these ones. There would be little to no variation based on people’s personal tastes like there is now.
  • Being able to change pages anywhere you have permissions. IDK about this one, what’s to stop people just plopping down a campfire/beacon anywhere they want and then changing pages? Yeah, you could make it your Home beacon but then how you gonna actually get back home? Instead of this, I would prefer it to be more like: You can change pages at any point in a settlement that your home beacon is part of. I have a shared base with my partner, having to walk two feet to the left because I’m in her beacon instead of mine? Nah, dumb. Having to walk to my outside beacon instead of my underground beacon because I wanted them to have different names? Nah, also dumb.

Ended up writing a lot… ah well :stuck_out_tongue:


Not against adding skill pages. That said I would rather see something like a “character page”. To move a few epics over to.
Like the tax, Durability, portal and atmosphere Epic’s.

Tax epic currently is useless unless you never change your skill page.
Portal epic’s limit skill points for pages and technically require (when going to an exo) you to switch pages after arriving.
Atmosphere/Durability almost every skill page made has these filled.

Would rather see the possibility of making these permanent Skills and think we would all agree to it if we had to pay 5 times or more of the skill points to fill them out.
You could even leave skill pages as is and at 50+ character gains a core skill page giving the opportunity to make some skills permanent (over all skill pages).
Activating a “core skill” would make the skill inactivate on the other pages.

Would even agree to paying for example 100 skill points for 1 core skill point followed by example that you need 5 core skill points to to activate the core tax skill.

Not asking for all skills to be like this Just a few epic’s that end up being generally filled in on most of the skill pages.
Attributes would also be a good “core skill” but i think that would be to much. As they can free up to much points and make us to over powered.

Naming skill pages is a good idea but i know each of my pages and what they do.