More skillpoints needed

When is the skillset going to have more points to spend than the 100 points we have at the moment ?
because i really would like to make my hunter on 1 skillset, at the moment i have 3 skillsets for the hunting and they all are lacking something !!!

come on and make this what you promised us reality !!!

Bring out several updates with each a change to the game, not like you devs are trying to do now and do it all in 1 …makes no sense.

If you are going to do it in parts it will be easier to fix when something went wrong.

At the moment it seems to most players that there is no time put into making the update …only in taking plots from players…there is time for that of course .

The amount of players in the game is dropping every month, is this what the devs want ? kill the game…so they have more time for …whatever.


hey mate, have a look at this :slight_smile:


i just wanted to let of some steam…all the waiting makes me annoyed .


understandable but its better to post in here :+1:

a thread like this would just turn into a rage thread haha so i reccomend to post there and ask for a closure of the thread :slight_smile:


Skill points needed for sure

The primary feature of 249 is the private server and single-player modes. Those modes don’t work well with the current MMO-style skill sheet restrictions, so then they decided to add the skill sheet changes, specifically to help the smaller community sizes that will come with the local universes update.

It is similar with the melee weapons. The early game progression as of 248 for weapons doesn’t work well with how they chose to do region and difficulty progression for local universes/multi-tier worlds, so they decided to smooth the progression out with some melee weapons, which were already mostly done anyway.

To maintain parity between local and MMO universes, these changes are also being added to the MMO side at the same time.

Looking at this as several separate decisions, “Let’s add melee”, “Let’s rebalance skill sheets”, “let’s add local universes”, and thinking they arbitrarily linked them together for convenience is not a fair evaluation of what happened. These changes are all linked together, and they are all linked specifically to the local universe update.

Note: I am not happy with the delay. I am not happy with the lack of communication. I am waiting in frustration for skill sheet and paint changes the same as everyone else.


someday Soon™

Character progression has always been an issue with Boundless. It’s been my passion :slight_smile: For a couple of years after release, there were new threads every couple of weeks that were prompted by Character Progression related issues.

I collected many of the ideas from the community in this thread:

Character Progression Suggestions

I still hope the team will one day take a look at this side of the Boundless.

Melee weapons have been on the cards for a long time, and a new Epic to support then seems in line with everything else.

@Rydralain do you have a link to the info about single-player modes and the skill changes the devs decided to make to support it? I’ve been out of Boundless for about 6 months (back when Testing 249 was 2 weeks away from going live) and have read what I can in the Testing 249 thread, but couldn’t find anything about it. I’ll keep reading to catch up, but if you know where the info is, I’d really appreciate a pointer. :slight_smile:

I’m not confident in what you are asking for? It sounds like you’ve seen the official testing notes, so I’ll try to just describe the relevant changes?

They decided to greatly reduce specialization, since a person playing alone can’t rely on a community to support the skills they don’t have.

Level cap increase to, I think, 190 with xp cost scaling up using the existing formula (this causes an unfortunate nerf to cubit gain per xp). They also removed all of the crafting related choices in the skill tree.
The two changes mean that around the new level 100 (about 175 in the current system), you can do effectively everything in just two sheets.

If you have something more specific you want, I can quote dev posts or get test server screenshots on it.

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