Moron of the Year Award goes to


Just another one of those “dumb things I’ve done” stories that are just so dumb they have to be shared with everyone.

While dismantling my old goo farm I was getting sick of having to remove the lava from the tiny chiseled channels it was in so I instead I just started smashing the blocks and then removing the floating lava source blocks from the air, it was great, progress became much much faster.

But then this happened…

There is a wall between the farm and my paint storage/ pigment mixer room with shop stands in the wall allowing me to drop off and access my pigments from either either side of the wall. Below the pigment shop stands are my chests that I store the paint cans in… made of wood.

I learnt a very valuable lesson, not that wood storage boxes are flammable, I already knew that… what I learnt is that I shouldn’t store things in wood storage any where even remotely near lava and the worst thing I learned is that the contents of a storage box are burnt with the box.

Inside the 7 boxes which are missing from the row of boxes in the screenshot were I-don’t-know-how-many thousands of difficult to mix paints. There was (I think) around 4000 shadow blue and maybe as much Shadow Cerulean. I generally only ever mix 600 pigments (744 cans of paint) at a time, so there were smart stacks of each deep, strong, shadow, vivid, pure, bright, and luminous paints in Azure, Cerulean, Cobalt, Blue, Lavender and Lilac as well as a few black and white that are now nothing but ash.

All I could do was laugh at my dumb mistake, you play with fire, you get burnt after all. But wow am I glad that I realised what I had done before I took out the entire row of lava channels, that may have just about broken me, haha.


I’m sorry to announce that T6 hammer prices just went to 25k :rofl:

But seriously that sucks, yet as you said good thing you caught it. I probably wouldn’t have and then just blamed someone for stealing my paints.


…im about to go work and you made my morning.
You sir deserve a trophy.


Holy Smokes!

I wouldn’t have even thought of this, especially since you can’t break these with stuff in them. Condolences man, for sure. That hurts.

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Thanks all and don’t worry prices on my hammers will remain only mildly overpriced.

It does hurt yes… but I had only even mixed all these colours just to have them on hand should I or anyone I know need a few at any time… so like everything else I hoard they would of just sat there gathering dust for months and months.

The true value is in all the kernels I have painstakingly mutated to strong colours… literally 1000’s of some and each kernel capable of making 10-15 cans of paint, what was in the boxes can be replaced in just a week or two of planting and harvesting.


Happened to me, I had a wooded storage full of my good ish mats and I put it next to a volcano, lava spilled on it, and everything disappeared, but also I didn’t know they where flammable, I assumed because it was storage it was immune to lava, I learned that lesson, now I bring stone storage or better when I am building with lava, or any build.


This. My wood storage in ANY build will now be purely decorative… because me being me, will do this again one day. It’s a shame, I love the look of the wood and the wicker storages and the fact that I can paint em any colour.

In your situation though, they technically wouldn’t have even been your paints even if you had of farmed each and every one of them yourself right?! Your life would not have been worth living :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

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I was going to tell you “why didn’t you post it on my thread?!”

But this one deserves it’s own for sure :laughing::crazy_face:

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Reported for naming and shaming. :thinking:


Believe me, this one deserves it!

I almost did put it in your thread… and then had this exact thought, lol

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Wow, and hey, thanks for making me those deep cobalt just before this!

I think Im gonna cry :sob:


300IQ confirmed

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I did put the remaining 300ish from the two batches I made into the Cobalt chest though dammit!! :star_struck:

Doh! 56789

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It’s ok @wakeNbake, you’re still OUR moron <3


You might as well give me your rift before you burn that too. Lol.

I have a couple hundred kernels you can have.


Will send you a video of me “accidentally” dropping lava onto (all over) my Jacuzzi made entirely of rift blocks later, you will find it hilarious I assure. (I was using the lava to heat Jacuzzi water of course).

Will take kernels though!!! Yes please :smiley:

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\ o_o / ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

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F :man_facepalming: