Most Discourteous Player Ever


Last fall my friends and I attempted to move to a nice looking town on Lasaina. Warden is always there working on something.

On every occasion, at least 5 visits, we have experienced the same thing - Warden never responds to shouts, PMs, hellos, etc. Just looks up, then back down and keeps hammering away. Asked multiple times if we could settle on the edge of town. (crickets)

No, it is not a language barrier. I’ve seen the player on hunts using fluent and rapid English multiple times. 99.99% sure it nothing more than just plain rudeness.

Went back a coupled weeks ago and some of the town’s buildings and roads were in full deterioration mode. Now they are totally gone.

But of course, same Warden is their, alone, working away. :woman_facepalming:


guess he got his just rewards. He didn’t want anyone to bother him, now he has no one.




Too bad though, the town is SoOoOo awesome. But I’m pretty sure it is not a “him” :thinking:


:slight_smile: grew up in the day and age that “he” was used for both male and female. A generic term. Still stuck in my mind/habit to use the male words.


That’s us.

I can’t believe that was only 20 days ago. Seems like we had been trying to move there for two or three months

We found a good spot on Circapous now. So all good.


^ join this guy’s city instead :slight_smile:


Which town on Lasaina are you referring to? I’m warden at Sydney and communicate with anyone that waves / talks etc unless i’m afk. I’m assuming it’s a different a town on Lasaina, there’s not too many large ones though.

The Portal Seeker town of Mullumbimby’s warden is Greenheart, only tried to chat with him once at Mullumbimby and he replied almost instantly.


If I see someone is focusing on their work and doesn’t want to communicate I’l get the hint and just leave them to it and move on.
I wouldn’t presume to guess why person doesn’t want to talk but they could be having a really bad day, just have problems connecting with peeps or just really not interested.
They paid for the game and can play anyway they like (within C. O. Cs ofc)


I don’t know about the player mentioned but…

  • I tend to hyper-focus when I’m building/editing something.
  • I usually have my sound turned off since I’m in a public space & don’t always have my headset on.
  • I never leave Discord on.
  • I go AFK a lot.
  • I am usually multi-tasking (ie: answering texts from my mom, while working in Adobe Illustrator, while checking Twitter, while playing BL each chance I get…)

If someone talks to me, waves at me, or PMs me & I notice…I will always respond. If I don’t, I’m doing one of the above and have zero ill intent.


One thing to consider is that it’s possible that this is a young player that has had chat disabled in parental controls.


Also take into consideration maybe PS4 player? I personally have a USB keyboard but I know many that don’t and wont bother to return emotes or type due to sometimes it’s a hassle especially if you are focused on something else.

Either way there are MANY possibilities.


Yeah if you run into my son playing he may or may not notice text, and if he responds it’ll take a good 5 minutes.


PS4 players also cannot have the chat window open on screen all of the time and you physically need to open it to see if there’s any chat. to be honest, as a PS4 player I just do not bother to open chat anymore. Would be nice if it kept showing the chat but it doesn;t :frowning:


I mean, if someone really doesn’t want to be bothered, you’re the rude one for insisting on doing so.


Maybe there’s some kind of controller restraint, idk. Maybe plug in a cheap walmart wireless keyboard. That way you can keep check on chat faster and easier. That’s what i used to do on ps4 games with chat windows.


The playstation app on mobile devices is perfect. I was really just highlighting that within boundless, you cannot actually see if someone is trying to chat with you as the chat doesn;t show unless you physically open the chat window. Once open though you cannot do anything else so you need to close it again [ps4]

The guy above was saying he was being ignored etc, could be a reason why if the warden was on ps4 :slight_smile:


I can see both sides of this, but the problem is, you are a warden of a settlement, town, city, whatever it’s size it and if someone wants to join they need to know if they can and where they can place plots.
To find that out, they Have to ask the warden. It would be frustrating to go and pick out a area, put down a beacon, start your base and then find out that piece of land had been planned for something else but the warden hadn’t had the cubits to buy the plot yet.
Part of being a warden is to expect visitors to want info about moving there. But, I have been so absorbed in what I was doing and I’m not a warden but unintentionally ignored a person who came into my shop as I was putting up the walls. Realized after they had left that they had asked me a question. Didn’t mean to ignore, but was busy and didn’t see the notice they had said something.
I’ve had players stop and just stand and look around, look at me then leave. I don’t see a chat screen show up, no words on the screen that says they said anything. I don’t know if I have to do anything special to bring it up to know if someone has “spoken” to you or not.
Two sides to a coin.


I thought with a keyboard you were able to keep chat window open. Maybe that was for the small controller dongle made for ps3. Can’t remember.


It would depend on the game I believe more then keyboard.