Movement in/under water

Hey all,

am i wrong or did the movement in water changed dramatically ? it feels like a “snap to grid” (block) mode … i’ve totally lost the feeling of tweak movement if i can only move ± 2 blocks under water.

i found a way to move small steps if i press w/a/s/d only a short time and don’t press it all the time, but this is probably not what it should be ?!

is it possible to get back the “old” movement ?

The water movement was made into a more bursty movement to feel like you’re taking strokes rather than just gliding through the water. It’s supposed to add realism, but may need a few tweeks before it’s ready for 1.0.


It’d make a lot more sense if there were sound effects etc when you do a stroke to accompany the movement.

I agree we need a way to do minor adjustments to your position in water still though. I was thinking the creep mode in water could do that… except that the creep button also makes you move ‘down’ in the water currently hah.

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According to my experience it is possible to move “slow” in water and glide … you don’t want to tell me are always and only swim full speed breaststroke ?! you can make small strokes too, to get more accuracy or you can crawl which is more continuous (no “stroke” feeling)

I usea grapling hook to navigate the water personally. :lester:

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