My color storage build, a journey

Thankyou so much for coming to visit my planet, you’re too sweet to me!! It was soo lovely meeting you in boundless and I am Honored to be shown the legendary workshop and color storage you’re working on!! It has been amazing reading your story through the thread and then get to see it in pixel person!!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: my tail is invisible :rofl:

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Part 10

Wow, 10 parts. I didn’t think I would make it passed the first one, let alone 10. So, I am going on a little vacation to London and Paris and will be gone for two weeks. In preparation for that, I haven’t really gotten much done on the storage but, I thought I would give you all a little something before I go. So, I did, finally, hit the halfway point…

…right there. Exactly halfway. I also managed to get the ceiling finished.

And then I said it. Yup… “wonder how this will look.” And now the ceiling isn’t finished…again…

BUT, I really do like how this turned out, however, it does increase the amount of gleam I need for each color.

I really appreciate how the gradient looks. I can’t wait to get the empty spaces filled in. Will be sooooo satisfying.

And, the main hallway now has a bit of light…

Also, remember how I couldn’t figure out what my security company was up to? Well, it seems they have decided to strike. Apparently, one of them was blown up by a random hopper and, of course, it was all my fault.

Though I am pretty sure some of them really don’t care, they just want a reason not to work. Not sure what gives me that idea, but there it is.

Anyway, we will see where this leads. Hopefully it will be someplace quiet with mimosa’s and less oorty drama. See you in a couple of weeks!!

To be continued…


Lol. I like your humor throughout the journal :rofl:

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This thread has really grown on me i must admit :wink:

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Thanks for reading!! I am glad people are enjoying it.


Part 11

Afraid I don’t have much to report. Been playing this new game called IRL, it’s really not that great. Lots of work and grinding and little to show for it. However, I thought I would try to give a little update.

Had to do lots of farming to replenish my clay, mud and ash. It is a job that never seems to be done. I did have a bit of fun trying to clear out @Soju-VB’s ash before it started regening.

I was not successful, one of these days though, one of these days. I did, nearly fill my ash storage though.

I also managed to add a few new colors to Basically Bricks. (Which used up a bunch of the ash from my storage and now I need to visit Soju again)

And more are cooking, including the new dark red meta. Speaking of dark red meta, I am also working on refilling my dark red marble stand at Mostly Marble. It should be full by tomorrow sometime. I really think I need a new shop for the bricks. I thought this set up would work okay but each time a new color is added I have to move each following color down by one which gets a little tedious. I will think about how to fix this. Or, maybe, if I win a million from @HOST’s stream I will just hire someone to do it for me :smiley:

To be continued…


how would you describe it, genre-wise?

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Horror, dystopian, war. Yeah those work. :grinning:


Naeah! Naeah! Naeah! Naeah! :partying_face::tada:

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Yup, that about does it. It’s also like…this…open world survival…thing…except you can never get ahead. Just fall behind.