My first foray into this beautiful world in video form <3

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I’ve seen some of the amazing things you guys and gals create here and this video may be boring to veterans, but its just some of my genuine impressions on this awesome title I only heard about today. I’m watching the sun rise over the mountains in game, while the real one rises on where I live -__-


I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the first experience with the game. And you didn’t find it very hard to figure some things out.

If you need further help with anything. There’s some awesome folks in here and in the discord.

Also there’s a lot of information about recipes, etc on

Welcome to this awesome ever growing game.


Welcome to Boundless!

The beacon you were walking around belongs to @Piezo, you can read who’s beacon you’re walking around in at the top of your screen, above the compass.

@Dzchan94 already mentioned @Stretchious’s handy Boundless Crafting website. @Jiivita also does beginner tutorial videos, which you can check out here.

Look forward to seeing more of your content!


Welcome to the boundless community. Nice job on the vid.


Thanks so much for the warm welcome and Discord + Crafting links :slight_smile: I thought I was going to have a really hard time figuring things out but the game is pretty intuitive. Gonna have a lot of reading up to do!


Ahhh so that’s what I missed, I’m rewatching it now and I can’t believe I missed that, very helpful! Thanks for the tutorial vids from @Jiivita, I’m watching them now :slight_smile:

I’m also going to try and tell @Piezo I broke into his place, lol.

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Thanks for the warm welcome @DonBab, I just watched a couple of your own videos and it was very enlightening. I hope we get to meet in game some day :grin:

PS: Steam name is Scratchnwiff :wink:
PPS: Sorry guys, I only just read the warning/reminder that I can reply/quote all in a post instead of spamming like this, my bad -__-


Welcome to Boundless! I look forward to seeing your first impressions =) Looks like everyone has already covered the community resorces quite nicely ^^ Best gaming community I have ever had the pleasure of being apart of… Enjoy!


Welcome! Looking forward to watching :slight_smile:


@Jiivita @DanBeforeTime, I have not felt this welcome and supported in a community before <3 The potential for this game is mind-boggling, but with a community like this it makes it truly one of a kind


We have a small but fairly active and close community. A few stragglers who haven’t joined the forums, or lurk out there, reading, but never interacting.

And we still occasionally find new people.

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You landed right next to @Rolco s town. Back then before portals it was difficult to link up with people. Especially on a planet like Vena V. The glowing building at the center of the lake is a portal hub that will lead you to all of the worlds.
Welcome to :boundless:

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love the vid I am a sub :grin:


Welcome to Boundless.

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@Jeffrotheswell, so I’m on the Australia server, makes sense. I said incorrectly that the whole universe was on one server. I must correct this :wink: I’m looking forward to checking out the portal hub and the other communities. I know I haven’t seen other planets yet, but Vena V is growing on me. Thanks for the welcome and info! I remember hearing about your architectural marvels on Apo and Bean’s video and I’m keen to see it

@Dulki thanks a lot for the support!

@TwistedFoot thanks for the welcome, I swear this community is so great I feel like I’m getting housewarming gifts from a town full of neighbors :grin:


While you were technically incorrect, we’re all in the same universe. There is seamless travel between servers. For example; if you were to go through a portal on Vena V to Therka, you’d cross from the AUS server to the EU server without even realising.

When’s your next video up?


Rendering it as I’m typing this message :grin: This game really has a lot of depth! Cutting down enough to make it a watchable length on YouTube takes a while, lol.


Thank all of you for the help and support, it really means a lot to me :slight_smile:
And here’s my second episode in Boundless!


if you are stuck in a mine or just want to get out just press’Esc’ and go to Sanctum then you just click ‘E’ on the portal and it will bump you up :smiley: if it does not work just go to a corner and try once more :blush:


Great video @Scratchnwiff!

This might be really commonplace for you guys, but this is like a gold mine for me.

Actually, for me at least, iron is much harder to come by than gold - so what you hit there would be a gold mine for most of us too! At least on Therka.

I’ll see about coming to visit your build at some point - you’re very close to the main hub.

Keep up the good work on the videos!