My First Home <3

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I had an idea for your swimming pool, Steggs. Create the pool outline, fill the top with horizontal Portal blocks, then put the destination Portal over a body of water. Not only will it look like water from the top side, but once you dive in you’ll have an entire ocean to swim around in.

Don’t ask how easy it’ll be to climb out, or if you’ll even be able to.


I have yet to see a flat portal but I plan on doing some experimenting with it on monday.


Jeff, please make a portal loop and take 100,000 fall damage. For science.


I will see what I can do.


for Frodo :sob:


Oh man I haven’t had the chance to reply, sorry guys!

Alright so it looks like we’re having a pool party at mine, we gotta figure out what to use for water (slide could work, then maybe the devs will feel bad for us having a dirty pool, ice is a good shout, is there blue gleam? That could look cool…)

@Pseudonym84 that’s a pretty sick idea actually… I just have to figure out how to make them :sweat_smile:

@Xanotos yeah I’m not to everyones taste! Glad you like the building though :grinning:

I’ll try and sort a swimming pool out this weekend when I record again!


There’s blue gleam in the Graveyards at Munteen VII. Dig the front of the graveyards with the metamorphic rock and you’ll find blue gleam

Here’s a helpful guide. Gleam Locations and Colour Codes


Yeah, just being clear it wasn’t meant as an insult. It was simply a comment. Entirely benign


Oh I know! Don’t worry, my friend! :slight_smile:


blue gleam looks like this


Is that floating island with blue gleam someone’s beacon or is that natural?


Its MIige’s. I helped them figured out a portal system to make that up there


Alright next part is up, there is much confusion, disappointment and a little bit of rage as we mess up a few things, oops!


But… at least it looks nice…


Man, once I get my hands on this I want to build a floating island for my home! Hopefully by 1.0 we will have a way to manipulate water with a bucket or something!


Totally simple build, but… you know by now I’m a simple guy :sweat_smile:


hey Steggs if you need gleam lanterns, or gleam, i can try to figure something out with you, i got plenty, and am happy to help your wonderful build out


It’s not your fault with the stairs by the way :slight_smile: Stairs have a mind of their own lol

Oh I can see my house from Midges pool! I might have to go for a swim up there.


Oh dear :smiley:


Hey @Xanotos! Appreciate the offer my friend, I had a player called Togar come along and randomly give me a ton of gleam and other stuff the other day, so I’m pretty set! Although I do have something really cool to show everyone in the… not next video but the one after!

@AnnieGYG they really do!!