New, looking for people / guild

I’m 30 to 40 hours into the game…got my own place on Solum. I’m in US East. Looking for people who I can grow and learn with. Not sure how the guild system works…but, would love to be in a guild with a good crew.


i’m new as well, but have like 2 hours of game time.

There isn’t a guild system in place in game yet. Any guilds formed is more or less just a group of people getting together to play together. In that sense, if you join any developing towns to build with, its like a guild at the moment. Having said that, there are 2 guilds you might want to look into Chisel Knights and Portal Seekers, both of them though advertised as international are headed by EU players.


@Thrakk and @HueJanus
Both of our guilds are awesome! And we work together on occasion and you can be a member of both guilds. So you should totally join one or both of our guilds. The Portal Seekers lead a lot of community hunts. You can find the dates and times in Moebius Plaza in Therka Market on the planet Therka. We also have several building projects happening where you can help build, or supply materials for builders through mining and gathering.

Here is some info on the Great Hunt

and Here is some info about the guild. We are also active on discord.

I guess figure out what you enjoy doing and we can use whatever skills you have to make our community better!


appreciated!!! got my app in.

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Also if you wont you can informally say that you are part of the illuminoorti, Boundless’s resident Cult / Religion, if you want to discuss matters about the illuminoorti just type in @Havok40k or @Illuminoorti.


There is no such a thing as Illuminoorti.


Yabo backwards = obay (misspelling of “obey”)… :sushing_face:


The Truth is out there. Just look carefully.


There is no such thing as Boundmore!


The a is just an upside down e. It’s not misspelled!


Hello Thrakk and others,

On the far sideof Berlyn(west server) in the middle of the desert lies the Oasis Hideout of the Popsicle Boys. For new players this is an amazing starting location. We share tips to the trade, provide startup equipment if so desired, offer job opportunities to make coin, amazing shop with discounted prices for members, and provide portals and massive ways to gateways to be part of the community.

If you stumble through Moebius Plaza youll surely find the gateway.