New Plotting Algorithm (makes no sense to me, need help to reconnect)



would someone be so kind and either explain the new plotting mechanism too me or post a link where to find that information?

My problem is, that I’ve got a little town and my brother and I have two areas which are connected by about… I’d say 15 plots at least. Our paths, walls, houses (and basements), decoration cross each others plots. We basically built wall-to-wall. But he’s not in my beacon list. Instead someone else (about 10 plots away) which only has about 4 plots and is connected only on 1 side, is in my town.
Right next to those guys with their little plot, I have my twink with another area, which is quite big as well. That one is not connected. How do I connect them back into my town? I find this rather confusing.

Also, funny enough: apparently this was changed to avoid people force-connecting other settlements with roads even if they didn’t want to. However, the 4-plotters that are connected to my town, are connected by a wooden-bridge-road-thing. My brother on the other hand, who’s basically glued to my town is not recognised.

Help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Edit: strangely, when I walk in my town it says “Okinawah-Halla (Hamlet)”. When I walk into my brother’s part, it says “Okinawah-Halla (Hamlet)” (so he should be connected, I assume?), if I walk into my twink’s area it says “Okinawah-Halla (Outpost)”.


My Settlement is No Longer a Settlement?!?

Yeah its a bit confussing and im not finished with my science, but i think it goes as follows.

Everything is based on the arrangement of the Plots, not whats built inside the Plots (I assume). For example i built a 3x3 Tower to make a crossroad, the streets i connected to every middle Plot on each side of the Tower is just a 1x1 Plot Saussage going on till it hits Mountain.
3 Plots after i got out of any door of the Tower, The Main Settlement Ends and a New “Street Settlement” of the Same name begins.
For my Situation i countered by claiming a Plot on the side of the streets Last Plot thats in the Mainplot, and cause that
was not enough a second. After that the building that was about 8 Plots away, was connected again.

So it seems that you have to build squarish to be seen as building and everything 1xXxY sized is (if more than 3 Plots away from a Plot square) a street (cause i tried expanding in the sky aswell and that didn’t work)

Edit: Okay it seems as if you need 3x3 Plots in Some Situations (Maybe to get specific settlement stati?) and if you have a Town that varies in height, it seems that the higher Part has to be wider than the Lower?


Well, then we’re screwed… the way we built is not anything close to a square… especially on Berlyn, where we are, are a lot of lakes, so we obviously did not claim the lakes and claimed the islands and beaches around it and I built my little town to fit into that.
At least that would explain why my brother is not connected.

But it would contradict the 2 guys that are connected to my plot that are basically only connected via the road between our main town and the “satellite” of my twink.


Where is your Claim? I could take a look if you like :stuck_out_tongue:




I’ll send you the location when I am back on. It’s not far from EDEN on Berlyn.


A twink? A second character. Not your main character.


Thank you. I’ve heard this term in another context so I was very confused. I dot think I’ll use that terminology.


Yeah… that term has multiple meanings depending on context. In gaming, it’s synonymous for a primary alt that is not max level. Like, in WoW for example, lvl 29 character with best in slot lvl 29 gear used in low level battlegrounds is called a twink.


Ahhhh, Good ol Times Grinding Shadowfang for this Dagger (I don’t remeber the Name) to Kick Butts with my lvl 19 Rogue :slight_smile:


oh creegle you so twinky


You’re totally just hijacking my post… how dare you!? :smiley:


yeah its strange i assumed we allready solved the problem in aqua by switching to house grids but im number one and number 5 spot
and back down to town they split off 1.1million prestige
thats clearly part off my capital


lolz maybe they need to make the roads have a certain distance before detachement

our alternative have a dev inspector coming to look if it all up to regulation :smile: your choice devs hahah


I hope they look over the current Algorythm again. Its so bad to take extra Plots, just cause you want to hold your settlement together.
Im now the Proud Owner of 4 Plots Water, i don’t know what to do with, and a few Land Plots with some sexy Bushes on… Oh and a lot of Air :stuck_out_tongue:.

Edit: God im running around Berlyn and the Greater Hubs since Aeons, where the Hell is Eden or Okanawah-Halla xDDD.


Okay after Walking about a decade, i found your “Small Town” on Berlyn and analyzed it a bit.
It seems that everything is connected,except the Plot of Someone called merani. But to connect his Plot again its just a matter of 1 or 2 Plots :slight_smile:

Edit: Could you please Look into Places>Settlements how many Clone Settlements you got? :slight_smile:


Could ya do a survey off aqua i give ya a purple gleam :slight_smile:


How much? xD, and do you have a Map, i allways get Lost there xD.
And i don’t have a guarantee :wink:

Edit: And i need the Number of Clone Settlements you got under Places>Settlements :slight_smile:


Lol 4 :slight_smile: if ya find issue 1 if ya get lost i just need get number5world spot linked to number one spot


Sorry, I didn’t get around to log in any earlier. So if Wahbuum’s connected, he should be in the town?

I’ll check where the connection is missing with Merani in a minute.