Newbie here, had some questions

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Hello everyone o/
First I just wanted to introduce myself, iI bought boundless way back, but just started playing it 3 days ago.


  1. My quest for building a spark source isn’t completing even though I put fuel into the spark source, the 3rd objective won’t check and complete, also there is an extra s in the 3rd objective.

  2. Same issue as above for the request basket, the 3rd line isn’t updating when I put in items and set prices.

  3. Progress doesn’t show for the daily objectives, and can’t track feats(possibly as intended)

Advice Please!
Started working on an emerald mine, and i’m having difficulties. I have been branch mining on like 95 of Altrunk, but this doesn’t seem very effective. I have only hit 2 veins, maybe they are just very difficult to get. Any advice on setting up mines is appreciated.

Also thank you to everyone who has been helping me out in game, and telling me to get on the forums. Love the community so far, and excited to see where the game goes.


Hey there @ozarka30, we’ve already met in-game!

All of these are known issues for the current release.

My advice would be to follow the seams for other materials; you’re likely to want more of them sooner or later, so why not? The other thing I do is branch/strip mine too, but every now and then I’ll mine in a random direction. If I just finished mining some ore, I will keep going in an area around it, for example.

I’ve not mined any emeralds, mostly just diamonds and some topaz, so I don’t know what emerald distribution is like.

If you give this one even quick read you’ll find out what objectives don’t work.
You can also just assume that whenever you can’t finish an objective it’s on the bug list.
Don’t be shy to report any issues you encounter there.

About gems on different planets. You can see you picked one of the more rare.


@NerArth Hey there!

Thanks for the links, I figured they were reported somewhere, just wasn’t sure where to look.
I’ll dive into that mining thread to see what I can find.

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@ozarka30 - Hi there, we met ingame !

Those 3 things you mentioned do not work. It is bugged and reported. So we just have to wait for an update.
I see the same on my account.

Good to see you on the forums now !

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Hey there, @ozarka30! Welcome to Boundless!

It seems your questions have already been addressed, but as for advice; just take your time and learn things at your own pace. It’s tempting for us veterans to shower you with knowledge, but that’d be robbing you of the thrill of discovering what Boundless is all about yourself.

That said, if you’re stuck on certain mechanics, you can either ask this helpful bunch on the forums, or check out @Jiivita’s videos, found here;

Hope to see you in-game soon! If you’re looking for a settlement to settle in, you’re always welcome in Elop Portas;


@SWProzee1 Hey there! Yeah everyone was talking about it so there had to be something to it.

@Pseudonym84 Hey! Yeah there is definitely a lot going on, but in a good way. How would I get to your city to check it out?

Has anyone else had issues with Missing skill basic crafting recipes, coming up when you use the forge. I’m trying to make some copper bars, but it thinks I don’t have the basic recipe, which is the 1st thing we unlock.

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There’s a few issues with the wrong messages being displayed that have been reported. Does the furnace have fuel?

Where are you currently? And have you been to any of the settlements? All major settlements are connected, so find one and you’ve found them all.

@Jeffrotheswell has a chain of portals leading to all the planets, so look out for his beacons.

Alternatively just ask the first person you bump into in-game. Chances are they’ll know how to get you there.

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So I just figured it out, the furnace had coal in it, but didn’t have enough coal in it, so it was just showing an incorrect message.

Currently attempting to setup an emerald mine in altrunk. The settlements I have visited would been coin city, pixel gate, thursla(something like that?).

I believe I have been using those portals, didn’t know who made them, just saw they they were very effective at getting me around.

@Jeffrotheswell Thanks for setting up the portal highway!


Happy to oblige :smile_cat:

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Hi-jacking this thread to ask my newbie questions as well.

How does one create a portal leading to other planets without utilizing already existing portals of other players?

I hated that I can be interplanetary by just using others’ portal so I opted not to use them. As @Pseudonyms84 said, it would be like robbing me of the experience. :slight_smile:

Edit: Nvm, found this thread and will try later if I find the time :slight_smile:


This is an updated guide. Much simpler to understand


But how do we get locations from other planets though? Is the Totem upgrade still a thing? Can’t seem to find its recipe in boundlesscrafting.

Search for warp crystal on boundless crafting


Got it. Thanks bro!


I saw that someone had green refined gleam, but I don’t see that as a color on the

Anyone know where I can get green gleam?

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Green Gleam isn’t currently attainable on any of the planets. It was gifted to both myself and @Scratchnwiff by the developers. The same goes for purple and orange gleam, if you see them about.

We’ve been giving it away on request, though our stocks are getting low. That said, if you need some I’ll happily pass some along for your project.


That’s pretty cool, I like that the devs interact with the community.
I could use 42 blocks if you would be able to spare them for my project?

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I’ll be online later today. Just let me know what time suits you best and we can meet up.

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What timezone are you in?

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