NPCs and their AI

I think it would be awesome to have NPCs moving into large towns to add some life to the game. My favourite NPCs are from Skyrim, as they move around, throw out random comments and even have sleep cycles.

Bobmcbobzorz is great

What other things should NPCs do?


I do love this idea… Radiata Stroies had a 24 hour clock and npc’s moved around on a schedule. You can follow them to trigger events… Even LOZ Majoras Mask had this.

The problem is, how does an NPC know that what you have made is a house? And how do they know what kind of cultural behavior that fits your town?

I suppose a good thing to introduce for many future features is the ability to add meta data about buildings and beacon areas.

Building type: house, shop, other, etc…
Creator: bobmcbobzorz, etc…

I wouldn’t know how to control the building style for NPCs moving into the area, although a randomised collection from buildings in the area could be calculated. Take a roof from one building, window style from another, block type from another. Randomise those together to create a new building.

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NPC’s building is not a good idea… what if you do not like it and it’s in the way… Instead have NPC’s request a house built and they pay the player, They may require it to be tall or by water… And they need work too… a list of skill will allow the player to set them to do work and possibly tax them for it.


Really like this idea!

You can get a glowing block of some kind like a grid and build around it… the npc will recognize this as a building. Assassins creed did well making crowds become agitated depending actions around them… they gather to events go get drunk ect… they can rally or run depending on what others do around them.

AC is a singleplayer game and a really bad example in this case.

the game should be player run, some npc’s are fine, but if i wanted to make houses for people i would just play the sims.

Right now NPCs are not in the plan, but some of these suggestions are really cool!

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ben could you reduce the required amount of words for the title? its kinda sick that it need to be 15 chars at minimum.

I know… was just pointing out npc’s can be AI too… I do not support crowds just that they can react if you attack them… some may run others may try to fight back.

well any npc uses an ai, if it has no AI, it literally cannot do ANYTHING. including moving

As long as they are not simply wandering around like animals grazing on grass… I do not wanna breed ppl

The thing I really like seeing in NPC’s is the possibility of interaction like quests and trading.


i woould prefer player made quests instead, or a randomly generated quest system was suggested. this should be a player driven game, but some people want npc’s to rule everything.

but as ben said, they are not planned atm.

This still won’t help on making them behave according to the culture the player is trying to design. It would be insanely irritating to make a Japanese themed village and then have medieval European NPC’s wander around in it.

But NPC’s make the game seem more alive if players only plays fx. 2 hours a day maybe a fourth of the players are in at a time and maybe 1/2 of these will be going around exploring or mining, that would mean that their would maybe be 8 houses per person in the city making it seem very dead.

There has been talk about “hiring” NPC’s as traders and such so you don’t need to keep around your shop all the time.

well culture will have to be something the devs will need to program so if you pick what the npc look and act like I guess but it just seems like they being farmed like cattle. I see what u mean tho about themes there has to be a way to match npc and animals to the style of ur build… I guess this is where a mod world would best fit for players with large areas and builds.

The thing is I do not think 1 person should be able to build a whole city… It should be when several ppl combine their beacons and builds that a theme is born from the collective… And about players living in a house built by some1 else? I really don’t think that’s going to work either… No1 feels at home where they did not place a single block…and even than they’d want to do it all. If any1 has large builds they will need npc’s cus chances of getting players to live there are slim at best… A city like this will be lonely

Players will end up living in several cities and contribute nothing… They should pick one they like and help it grow, they should build their own house, donate blocks, defend it from the the protectors who probably see u as trespassing and will be trying to remove your city, and connect it to other worlds to improve trade and econemy… guilds can compete for power to control the city.

Why should it be necessary to move to a mod world to actually make sure the NPC’s actually fit you building style? That would all in all make sure that there is very little difference in the style the cities is build in. Being able to choose the culture/change the look and design of the NPC’s in your city would make them seem more like animals yes but not doing it would restrict who could use the NPC a lot.

Off course not bot most people likes the idea of towns being in the game and as town grows quite dead without people being in them the NPC was presented as a solution.

I do not think i even mentioned this thing?

Which is why i am arguing for the NPC but we need to make sure it does not break the immersion.

the argument is constantly ‘‘keeping cities alive’’ its just pretty simple. dont make more stuff than there is people. when you get more people you can expand the cities.

also ben stated that the NPC’s are not part of their current plan.

even though i kinda hate the repop (my brother convinced me to buy it, that scum!) i sitll like the idea that there is 1 main city with your basic stuff. lets say that every world has a build city with a few dumb npc’s that give you the things you need to start your adventure, that would be absolutely fine, and honestly i would welcome the idea, but then as people go further out and build there wont be any npc’s

so letting them be in a premade city is somewhat easy to make, but some of you guys ideas (also from the old post) is basically to turn it into Sims. that is where i set the line.

Yeah i mentioned that before:

The amount of people in the cities are going to vary hugely depending on time of day and so on. You can’t just plan out of that you would need to be need to be 10 people per single town house just to make sure that there would be around 1 person per house in the city, most of the time.