ODF & GTG 12 Hour Marathon Hunt!

As you all know by now, we at GTG don’t play any games when it comes to marathon hunts.
You also may know, that ODF has some of the greatest hunt leaders in the game!

With that being said, mark your calendars for Saturday, May 1st!
We will be embarking upon our THIRD 12 hour marathon hunt!

Between the past two events, we have made 7 players millionaires in game, and given away at least 5 million in other prizes!

Special thank you to @DeViLiShBeCkS @Eggshaker @Turrican2006 @LaQuest006 and many others who have all came together to make this possible, yet again!

I will update this post as the event gets closer, so stay tuned for more info!

Edit: Prize pool now up to 10 Million Coin

You can also chime into our discord, to hangout and get info as well:


I am joining this hunt will be my first 12 hour marathon, question how many chests and campfires should I bring? How many sling bows? Will there be breaks?


I am one hundred percent in for this (providing the potential miracle of actually getting a job doesn’t get in the way) and will try to be there for all of it, but understand it’s not always possible.

Would also add that, for any newbies (and these are really good for newbies that need to ‘fuel up’), that as long as you have the right abilities to breath in the atmospheres of the planets this will cover, you should try to go along. If you can’t join in the fighting, grab a cheap totem and some healy bombs and heal those that are. There’s always something that you can do to help the hunt. Even if it’s hanging out with fellow slow-pokes (like me) to save those that do death falls over an unseen cliff!

But if you don’t wanna be active, still don’t let that stop you (but it’s way cooler to help). It’s a really good way to get some Oort For Yer Port.

Like the old Oortian song goes:

Oort for my port
Sugar for my honies…


On that … I’d like to offer two things for the hunt:

  1. For anyone that is new … if you wanna help out, but are unsure about the fighting bit (or simply can’t afford nice slingbows - or swords if that’s a thing by then) I will happily give you a totem and some revive augments pre-hunt.
  2. I’d also like to offer an (extremely) low level prize of my unpaid labour on whatever boring task someone wants me to be used on.

Oh, and @NickkThatsGood, if you’d like, I’d officially like to put my hat in the ring as one of the hunt’s:

  • Bringers of the Rear

Because I am both an ass, admire a good rear, and wanna look after the slow pokes. :slight_smile:


I will definitely be slow, not so good at grappling lol.


Don’t worry, @Rosa, it’s a hard thing to get. I still sometimes have to stop … aim … pull … etc.

Also, when you finally figure out the grapple+jump for getting over ledges (it took me 5 months!) it’ll be like the bloody second coming. :laughing:

Edited to add: I’ll happily hold your hand for a bit at the start, though, if you like.

Also, @Rosa, if you wanna go on a grappling trip to practice sometime, meet me at Boundless School and we can practice!


Nick will update this but the last two marathon had a break of 15 minutes between the planets but the details not done yet :wink:
So stay tuned for news


It happens! And I do the hattrick :joy:
Hop on the hypetrain!


Thx for getting together doing this Marathon , we re proud to be on GTG Side as Partner because WE Love everything you Guys did for the hunting so far , awesome Work :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

@Eggshaker its gonna be your Triple my friend and thats awesome too :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

WE are discussing all Details at the Moment so We ll keep you informed AS soon AS possible

Yes there will be Small Breaks and one larger between the Switch of lead from ODF to GTG .

Everyone will be Welcome doesen t Matter If a newbee or an old Veteran .

WE ll supply revive augments and damage augments If necessary ( my production started already ).

If you Don t have good bows get some heal Bombs or Other Support Bombs and revive and Help the hunting Gang with that .

Of you want to buy good bows to deal damage ask where to get them , EZPZ IS a good choice or ask people WHO would Forge some really High end bows .

WE ll let you know what Kind of bows will be needed and when whith a whole shedule of the hunt after discussing all.

If Somebody wants to be better prepared and wants to train then Join The ODF hunts Starting 2021-03-11T17:00:00Z2021-03-25T17:00:00Z nearly every day or the GTG hunt Starting 2021-03-25T22:30:00Z every day.

The ODF hunt became now a mostly running hunt often T6 too and Sometimes Plattform hunting

And GTG always T6 running hunt.

If you have question s feel free to ask !!!

I for my self am very excited to this great Event WE are planning and doing for all in the Community .

Greetings Turrican2006

Marathon HYPE ON :grin::grin::grin:


If your on pc and have a pad available it’s sooooo much easier. On ps4 it’s pretty easy to warp speed grapple from my experience- either that or I’m a total ninja


This is correct, the typical format we run is like: 1:45 hours per planet, 15 min break between each planet. To allow you to dump inventory and change weapons, etc!


awesome ODF & GTG! lovely! cant wait for this event and yeah i will be buying 10-15 million worth of Oort after the event at 300c each!


That’s true I do both pc and ps4 with a pad and first tried with keyboard and mouse and than I needed a doctor to sort my broken fingers :rofl:


I know I am awesome :rofl: some would say hunt addicted but awesome sounds better :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::ok_hand:


Count me in. 12 hour hunts are awesome :+1:


Woooowzerrr @HOST!!

I’ve put the challenge to achieve 2 SS of ROUGH OORT over the duration of the Marathon Hunt as I know on the GTG Hunts of late we have been pulling between 300/400 each hunt so should be reachable - right?!

So you should get yourself plenty of Oort … :wink:


They are ALOT of FUN @Solaire

There will be many prizes on the day including a HUUUGGGGGGGEEE cash giveaway!!

We will be chatting in the GTG discord for the whole duration of the HUNT - so come join in for some friendly banter & laughs! Hopefully i can convince the PS4 gang to join us :wink: YES! @Eggshaker i’m referring to you! :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

Personally i’m EXCITED to be teaming up with our friends over a ODF! :heart: I look forward to hanging out with them, my GTG guildies and all those members of the community that choose to join us on the day!! … BRING IT ON!!!


@DeViLiShBeCkS will Talk with all from ODF to Join The discord this day .
For Most of US only possible via Handy but should Work .

And yes Oort will be awesome GTG hunts Most 300 to 400 more 400 and the ODF hunts become Most 300 to 350 in the Last weeks so the Challenge IS on :grin::grin::grin: and all the Drops :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

2 Gleam chest Damage Augments
And 1 Gleam chest Revive augments done so far more is producing

Will Forge some stacks of each Kind Amythyst to Topas real High end Multishoot bows that can be bought and some will be given away .

Also will Forge some stacks of high end heal Bombs (Diamond).
Will Produce for that augments too.

Damage Bombs will only used from GTG or ODF members If necessary !!!

So i am exited for that Marathon can t wait to start :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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What’s people techniques for not filling up with stuff on hunts? I’ve seen some people put chests and campfires down (do you just warp to them after the hunt?) or is it better to setup a beacon full of chests, warp there then warp back to the hunt somehow…

I keep having to leave tallow leather or bones even after a normal hunts.

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I’ll probs join for good part of it

Haha ok I try for the marathon :grin:
We are all excited to team up with GTG and hope the community is excited as well and we get 3 ss oort out of that! Shouldn’t we end up earlier than 3?:rofl::rofl::rofl: Nah 2 is fine :grin: host approves