Ok, what turns you ON playing Boundless?

There has been a lot of negativity on here for reasons. Tell us players and the devs what you love about the game.

I personally love exploring new planets and having to navigate all the awkward new terrain, while collecting all those mats of course. Seeing how gleam spawns is super neat too. The gleam “berries” on Delta Cancret are a favorite of mine.

C’mon boys and girls, spread some love. Forget about the bombs for a sec.


Footfall. I really really like footfall. I really really like footfall when I have multiple alts that’s are stacked in the same area generating similar footfall. It stacks disgustingly.

As a result I fully expect it to be nerfed down the road. As a new player maybe I got in on this ahead of the curve for once.:joy:


Youre obviously just in the right spot. I get what i consider tons of footfall, and only make 1k coin a day which at the prices people put things at only get you a few of most things.

What i love is bomb mining. Now and before, but it was a lot more fun when the resources were left to be cherrypicked in the air, just something about it. Then i love exploring besverona
(The t5) underwater for lamella, the sounds are relaxing and it can be challenging surviving properly on the ocean floor without accidentally drowning as you try and figure out where you made your last air pocket. Its more fun when you dont have light source epic and take out some gleam, put it away everything gets pitch black but the boulder towers, the outlines of seaweed and funnel fungus. Suddenly it becomes easy to forget where you are and bam, take out some gleam and back to reality


@anon67769248 I agree with pofs here. Unless you have hundreds of alts, you are not generating as much footfall for yourself as you think. You just have a good settlement. :wink:

That’s a good reason to like Boundless.

EDIT: Tttttypo

Oh you’re 100% right. Once I realized how that mechanic worked, I made alts and earned them enough cubits to buy a decent amount of plots and circled around many shop/hub centers.

If youre getting tons of coin come spend it in my shop on biitula :wink: im lacking

No wait save it because I am developing a shop on Biitula and mine is sure to be better. :wink:

I probably have. :joy::joy: I tend to walk away with no coin after spending my footfall earnings. They met me about 15-30k a day on average but it’s been higher a few times. But power coils and titanium and such are very expensive so that doesn’t go too far at the end of the day.

I love being able to traverse through player-made portal hubs and see a wide variety of planets with different aesthetics and resources.

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Good LORD friend you really did get something good wherever you are.

The hub on finata is my favorite. Ever since the redesign I just sit there waiting for an on time or delayed sign to start blinking! People are really creative. It makes me jealous!

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It really is amazing that everything we wander through was made by other players. When I started, I thought the capitol of my started planet had been generated by the game or the devs.

It was just a Portal Seeker hub on Kada I. Mind blown.


Oh what i forgot to mention is grappling around! I love it, its so much fun once you get titanium - gem grapples, but even before those is incredibly handy just getting around - Owl if you see this iron grapples best


Last night I found that my neighbor has made a road that connected to mine. That was a nice surprise. I gave him a stone chisel and a spare workbench I had and taught him how to hit the bricks to make the pattern I was using.

When he found out I was hunting for bone to make glue, he hooked me up with some of his stock as a thank you.

A very positive interaction. Left me with a warm hug feeling.


The community.

The forums can get a little crazy at times but the in-game community is pretty awesome. :heart:


1-shotting rocks and caves that have resources on the wall.

rip cave wall resources.

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On my first day, I made a journey to my planet’s capitol.
It was literally just two people who built their houses fast and and therefore had enough prestige to be the capitol. But soon enough, that status had been taken by someone else, someone who was building road infrastructure to support much larger plans…
…today it stands as Alpha Portal Station, the current main portal hub on Storis II.

Seeing that development, from a few buildings and a road, to what it is now was incredible.
I was able to go from planet to planet, and seeing the even larger builds on Beckon and others was kind of funny.
It was as if I got stranded out in the wilderness and immediately went caveman mode, banging together sticks and rocks and thoroughly convinced that it was necessary for my survival…when civilization was actually just over the hill.

And my god, civilization it was.

Me to me:


I love to sit on a mountaintop in the wild and see the sun going down, looking at all planets moving around like a clockwork and just enjoy. And then when the music kick in its perfect.


Exploring vast beautiful spaces and watching people’s lives form into the landscape. . . it’s why I came, it’s why I’ll stay.


Alpha took over capital status from New Oortia? I need to pay more attention to what happens on my home. Lol