Ore regeneration nerf?

Anyone else noticing mines are now regenerating so slow that ores and gems in particular keep getting rarer by the day? Went mining on both the tier 5&6 planets for diamonds and they are almost bare. Nothing but holes everywhere. Some of them have been like that for over a week. Starting to think there was 2 nerfs last patch. A bomb mining nerf and a regeneration nerf for ores and gems. Is this intended or some sort of regeneration bug? I know these areas may be trafficked a lot but some areas have been like that for so long that it can’t possibly just be foot traffic.

They didn’t nerf ore or gem regeneration.

A lotta people are now gettin’ to T5 to mine, so they’ll probably have to add new planets soon. The T5 planets used to have like 20-30 people, now they often have 50+. Every time a person walks into those areas and mines them the regeneration pauses.


Without question and I understand that. However when things are not regenerating for over a week there’s a problem. I knew there’d be more foot traffic relatively quickly on these worlds but before this patch even the areas close to warp hubs which saw constant traffic regenerated in reasonable amounts of time. Now it feels like the entire planet is bare.

And it a friday to boot.

The secret is: don’t believe the atlas.

Agreed though, there are molepeople tunnels and bombpeople holes everywhere. We need more T5 gem planets.


As long as there are some Aussie planets…


Agreed. We are certainly in need of more t5 and t6 planets.

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More Tier 5-8 Worlds!


I think a new, full set of both is about due. Those would last us for a long time, and spread out the people who are strangling the planets we have at this time.

They could be inverse this time and add the remaining T5 and T6 elemental worlds.

e.g. we currently have:

Besevrona: Corrosion
Serpensarindi: Blast
Alnitans: Chill

so we could have three more T5 added:

Flox Napir: Toxin
Kaldeave: Burn
Celadari: Shock

And the same but inverse for new T6.


I Second this motion. There are mining “groups” that go out and team session the planets as well. With the increase in players the planets are starting to seem half their size. I was pretty happy to get out on a t6 and start my mining career, just to find no matter what direction I face is icons or players on my compass. Those players were on every hot spot on the atlas. When I checked them out, was hole after hole of just holes where there use to be resources. The t6 planet is now just a copper planet. because no one mines copper.

There were of course left the tiny one dot spots on the atlas. Where you dig down and find that 2 pieces of gold. Which isn’t a complaint. But shows we need more resources or twice the spawn rates.


I agree.
when specific resources are locked to a planet or especially a region, there should be BUTTLOADS of it.
that gem should be nearly all you find there resource wise.
let players get their fill and leave. there are enough players doing that already that there are none left for the casual players.

I only see this problem with diamond. Meaning there isn’t a problem. It’s just everyone has the belief diamond is best when it’s actually not the best for most tools.

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60 people on Serpensarindi right now, every region is filled with someone mining something. I would like to remind everyone Diamonds are needed to go from mid game to end in crafting. Being unable to craft power coils means no compact fuel, better tools and advanced crafting all together. Adv coils are sold 15k each! As a gatherer selling shimmering orbs you have no chance to get more than one.
There is a problem.

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I sell mine for 15K a pair, but you’ve gotta get both. One advanced coil doesn’t do much good, so I make two and sell the pair. And i Deliver :wink: Right now, i have mixer, extractor, and refinery coils available.

Say it louder for the devs in the back!

Thankfully I just finished my last rack of workbench coils. Dreading the ruby mining currently. Might just skip them for other gems for now

Yeah i’m back to using silver hammers because no titanium seams. Which works out because i’m not mining for ores anymore. Just used up the last bit of dura on a gifted emerald AOE hammer I got from a friend, got me some diamonds actually which was nice, but now it’s back to basics.

Just swap your diamonds into them with a gem chisel.

as soon as I can my hands on one lol

ye, 15k 2 adv power coils, now with 600 power I just have to find another 22.5k to get the other 3 because buying all the coils would take 1 million at least. With current prices market would be flooded with gathering stuff, plus the gathering would take more than mining those 80 diamonds I need.
Spending 5 hours doing the same iterative process because market went nuts and planets don’t have time to regenerate? Better take break, and maybe come back after a month.

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