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Thanks, you all too, hope all going great!! :smiley:

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Oh, Starfield working on Steam Deck now after a system update yesterday. However, though screenshot sharing so much easier, it gets hot fast, as I thought it would. Looks ok on the Steam Deck screen, horrible docked. Playable at least though, a good secondary option for me.

Going very slow in Baldur’s Gate 3 but really love it, hope they get GOTY. :slight_smile:

A few Starfield screenshots, Xbox file… I did think it was a little funny that you get this really nice room early, but the whole building with a bunch of people living there only has two toilets and no showers. Like, suppose I’ll be jumping in the pond to clean up!

One more thing - got a new controller that came with a one month Xbox Ultimate code. Only good for new members though. If someone wants it, reply and I’ll DM to first response - if your internet connection is fast enough, can use it without a Series X/S to try out Starfield. :slight_smile: If nobody here wants it within a day or two I’ll offer it elsewhere but wanted to give you all first shot!

Would Boundless still be here at this point if Monumental hadn’t bought it?


I’m sure it would in some capacity. As I posted in Discord, there is no confirmation that James is even a part of the “next title”, but I do hope he is.

The less James is involved with Boundless from this point forward the better IMO.

Tell us how you really feel :rofl:


With my dead video card I have time! That deserves a new thread. Challenge accepted.


In other news, @majorvex had an interesting encounter in Starfield…


this might be of interest to some

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I saw this on a few streams pretty amusing. I’m still awaiting modders to actually make the game good.

Love this!! :smile:

I admit I’m cheating a bit at the moment… :flushed: Remember the vendor chest in Dawnstar in Skyrim you can raid, that they never patched out? Well, there are at least six of them so far you can access in Starfield. :astonished: I’m using a few in New Akila just to grind out some ammo since enemies are such bullet sponges! Guessing they might patch these out since there are so many and you could easily find one of the New Akila ones without even trying, so if you want them, Google it (videos show better than I can describe) while you can! :wink:

Still really loving the game! Great for virtual photography, planets can be very diverse, Jemison (where New Atlantis is) has an array of biomes.

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There is speculation it’s done on purpose in their games. After finding the one in the middle of the muddy road in Akila, I might have to agree with that lol. I haven’t gone after the ones in New Atlantis yet.
Also, the infinite chests are very helpful. I have to collect every little thing. Sara constantly harasses me about it :sweat_smile: .
I’m glad they are already starting to do patches & updates. Especially adding Nvidia/DLSS support.

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Saw that earlier. I’ve had my eye on that for years! Looks good.

Ye cs2 is about To go Down boysss

CS2? Im still stuck on CS 1999 :stuck_out_tongue:

I think its called 1.6. Dunno rly… I played 1.5 but Then again Im just a oldfart.


Been playing this game alot lately and I got the Best card ever


From your pic, you don’t look a day over 25 :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the northen climate :ok_hand:.
Im 33 atm