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I bought it recently when it went on sale for $5. And then got a month of ESO+. So far I’ve explored almost all of the starter zones. Currently exploring vvardenfell. I’ve finished Auridon (took me 3 days).
Yeah, it is a time sink and I love that. It’s occupying my spare time and I love it.


yea, yea, another early access open world survival crafting game :stuck_out_tongue:

so far a nice mix of ark, conan exiles and palworld. you can play as any of your tribe members


Exploring it myself. Got first few hours and enjoyed it.


What weird currency are you exploring there?

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Can’t wait for Pax Dei in 7 Days!!


Yes, seeing and hearing a bunch of chatter about it in discord lately.

I played the Alpha’s. I did like the game, but if people think Boundless has over complicated, time sink, massive collecting - crafting cycles, Pax-Dei has it beat. Also the storage chests need to have way more space in them. Stacking of items needs to be increased also.

All that said, I will still be buying it. :grinning:


During the EA preview the crafting was changed a bit based on feedback. The iron and steel were definitely a little bit of a time sink along with the charcoal and brick.

Not sure how far you got in the Alpha but I was playing with a huge group (400-500) that really pushed through the content all working together. They had larger chests as you progressed we only saw three tiers of them but even the second tier was a huge improvement over the first.

They also didn’t have signs, but they did show they were working on them during the 2nd alpha.

Crafting cycles/timers were never an issue for me, but that said some people want instant crafted items which to me is rather a silly ask. I do known some of the recipes didn’t make sense as far as the ingredients at times, but watching the EA preview I saw a lot had changed such as early chainmail only taking some metal versus 3-4 other items.

Devs made some player requested changes too I look forward to EA.

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I bought it as well. Just need to figure out what I want to do. So far, I want to do the dungeons but the time to travel, complete them, get back to base and combat in general leaves me very concerned. Overall though, I am going to play and gopher for people as usual and PATIENTLY wait for content I am most interested in :slight_smile:

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They actually made quite a few combat changes for EA, but I’m not planning to do much combat personally other than killing an animal or two.

Dungeons are not your theme park MMO dungeons as most sandbox MMOs aren’t. They are more go in and kill everything kill the boss/bosses and move on. If Boundless ever had dungeons, I always imagined them to work in a similar way.

The travel time wasn’t too bad to the dungeons I did manage to go to. There are a few of them actually. The thing that I did not like (which apparently was changed) was that when you died the time to get back was a jog. IIRC they added closer spawn points to resolve the issue.

@Redlotus I was solo playing so did not get that far into the skill tree. Not looking to have a insta-craft but the items you mentioned were some of them. The chests at low end really do suck. They should have at least double the capacity. The stacking on some items was below 20 if I remember. All thinks should at least stack to 100 each IMO. I think I had about 40 chests for all the stuff I had and really wanted even more. Boundless does have them in that respect.

As far as dungeon’s, I never did any and also stayed away from the Keeps. I basically killed or was killed by the animals. I may try to enter the dungeon’s later but not right off.

I did manage to get some basic amor going and that did help.

Not sure how many plots you will get when it starts but hopefully more than 2. Maybe like 5-10 would be good.

Overall I do like it though and am mainly buying it for the building. I will most likely have many shacks and low end houses before I move up the skill tree for materials.


@XxymoxX I will say the stacks were adjusted after alpha we’ll see if that helps.

We must have had 500+ chests before we even pushed out too many of the tier 2 chests so I hope they adjusted that. Seems like they did when I checked on some streams for the EA preview.

I too am mostly focused on building.

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