Planning for 2017 - Contribute your ideas!

That sounds more like trove

Hats, we need hats, purely cosmetic. It would help to be different than the other players with cool and useless hats.

  1. Respawn at home option and better respawn option for when you die from a mob attack. respawning right where you die is not good, you just get killed again by the same mob! LOL

  2. Caves - they do need work. Maybe not so many drops and more surface access. Less lava death traps would be nice too LOL

  3. better/easier crafting! it is so complicated and resource heavy right now! Simple things like storage and glass and basic tools i think should be easier in the start of the game. I won’t say the name of the other game that makes beginning a game much smoother…we all know what game it is.

  4. improve the friend system, i agree with that. Make things easier for newbies starting out, let people spawn all together in a starting area?


Played the game quite allot now since i got it.
But it always still feel lonely and somehow unfinished and believe me i know it’s alpha and all, but here is just some ideas.

First, Friend system should be prioritized as this is very important for me right now, i got many friends looking to play this and they always ask, is it easy to find each other?
I say yes, it’s not that hard, but you can’t add me as friend…
If you guys don’t make the finished system, at least fix something that lets us see where the other person is and a way to add them so you know when they are online.

The second thing is, crafting recipes.
There should be way more recipes in the game, and the other recipes should be balanced a little bit more.

The last thing might be very very difficult to code, but, the water should be more alive, it should feel a little more like water, in the way that you guys can generate falls, the falls would make the game looks ridiculously beautiful.
I guess to make falls, you would need some sort of physics in the game? so yeah, as i mention on my last post, the leaves on the trees don’t fall EVEN after the whole trunk has been cut, this causes irritating moments in the game, as it is in the way, and i have to use my tools the take them away, early game this is frustrating. If i want the leaves i would mine them first, before i mine the trunk.

Please guys, if there is anything i have written that is wrong, and is ALREADY fixed or in-game by the time of this post, tell me. i really just want to help make this game better for everyone.:grin:

Psst: i love the mini quests that come up when you complete others! these are excellent and make the game fun at this stage, make more please!!

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I forgot the mention…We really need more character customization!! :slight_smile:


Additional races each with 2 genders and a multiple appearances are planed for the future. Also, wearables should be customizable to allow even more different appearances

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OMG man, this is sooo exiting! :smiley: :smiley: oboy am i exited now :slight_smile:
I really liked that you they are making dual genders on every race that can have that, that way it is both balanced and fair for female players and for those who wish to play however they like :slight_smile:
Thank you for the this information, i should have navigated thru the forum a little more before posting that last bit :slight_smile:

1.Totally rework a broken MAJOR current feature:

Resource distribution. I’ve been to worlds where after days of exploring I find nothing at all, and I have been to some worlds where within an hour I have over 200 copper and iron, and some gold and silver. I feel this really shouldn’t be a thing. I also feel the reward for riskier exploring is none-existent. If I decide to brave the depths of a cave near lava to find resources, I feel I should have a better chance than just running outside and tripping over copper and iron veins.

2.Tweak a broken MINOR current feature:

I don’t feel like there really is a minor feature that is broken per say, or that need fixing. One thing though, the crafting UI, I think that we should be able to filter out the things we can make in say the workbench. I dislike having to scroll through all the option to find the one thing I want. I think it should be split into subsections.

3.Essential MAJOR feature before 1.0:

Skill trees and their respective things. A lot of people want to jump in to make economies, explore the extent of professions, and even see what’s next from where we are now. I feel we have reached a point where everyone has already built a couple few of what is available right now, and we want to see what is next. Will professions like crafting and building get exclusive items? That is rather important for the development of the games economy. Are the current professions all we will have? There is a lot that can come from this and I feel that it will be a HUGE part of the game, one that should be getting tested sooner rather than later since it is so integral.

4.Add a MINOR feature in next update:

portals, warps, and their coin prices. Everyone has pretty much said this too at one time or another. But 500 coin for world to world warping and now 300 for within-world travel. That’s high given how there is no coin source other than ranking up(no, i don’t think trading is a viable source of coin at the moment).


I know this thread is old, but hopefully it still gets checked from time to time by the developers. I wanted to play a good amount of hours(200+) before offering any feedback. There is only one thing I have to suggest:

1.Totally rework a broken MAJOR current feature:

The resource distribution system needs to be changed. I am going to quote someone from earlier to begin.

This is exactly how I feel. I have spent over 150 hours digging on all moon and ring planets, as well as a lot on my starter planet of Solum. Finding resources is just straight up hit or miss and it is very frustrating. So why is it hit or miss? Simply looking at the resource profiles in the game files tells us why.

Every ore, minus fossils, has a chance to spawn on the Y coordinate from 0-255. This means everything can spawn everywhere. I think this needs to be more defined based on value of the ore. The fossil set up is the perfect example of this system. Small fossils can only spawn between 0-100, medium between 0-75, and large between 0-50.

I think all ores need to adhere to this type of set up. Examples would be: Copper 0-255, Soft Coal 0-255, Iron 0-200, Coal 0-150, Gold 0-150, Silver 0-150, hard coal 0-75, gems 0-75, titanium 0-60. Pretty simple, the rarer the resource, the further down you have to go to find it.

I just feel there needs to be a little more reliability of where you can find ores/gems. You can even have certain ores/gems be biome specific. In this case, you need to add the current biome to the debug screen because there is no way of knowing when you transitions between two underground.

Also, I don’t like the regeneration. Let me give you an example. I found a cave on Munteen VII that is filled with hundreds of amethyst. I was smart and created a location to it. Every 24 hours I can warp over there and the cave is full of amethyst again. Should that be the case? You want people just camping certain spots for resources? I thought when regeneration came through, it would randomize, not replace what was taken. Now the amethyst isn’t in the exact same spots every time, but it’s always there in huge quantities.

GOLD! Please do something about the spawning of gold. I’m sorry, but it is so rare it sickens me. Even though the spawn chance is higher on moons/ring planets, I still rarely find the stuff.

At this point in time, this system is really the one thing holding me back from telling people they need to play this game. It is frustrating digging for hours with little to show for it.

Totally agree. Hate to do this comparison, but the Minecraft method of mining that everyone used is something that to a degree should be used here. Now I am OK with everything spawning from 0-255, however I think the closer to 0, the higher the instance of materials. Obviously make it more erratic than it was in MC so a every 2 dig 5 doesn’t work, but compacted enough that digging near lava is worthwhile.

1. Which current feature in Boundless do you think needs a MAJOR overhaul?

Block regeneration. Honestly it’s a huge pain to dig out an area… have to go to work then come back the next day or even two days later and your dug out area underground is grown back in. Blocks that are within your beacon area should have more controls placed on them. I should be able to say if I want blocks to regen at all or not. That way if I want, I can choose whether or not I want to build out a certain area to be a mining shaft or if I want to build out a basement for my house, a dungeon for my castle, etc.

2. Which current feature in Boundless do you think needs a MINOR update?

I was going to say lighting but I think the better minor feature that needs improved is storage capabilities. I’ve only discovered that you can store things with storage blocks and shelves. I was hoping for something more along the lines of a series of different types of chests. Something that provides much more storage space for the resource cost than something like Storage Blocks. 4 slot storage is absolutely terrible. You have to have so many of them in order to properly store the massive amount of mined up materials so you can have some sort of inventory management.

I think 12, 18, and 24 slot chests with proper amount of resources put into them would definitely be a lot better options for those that can make them. I’d also like to see some form of portable extended storage as well, such as a bag, that has 6 to 10 slots. That way you can throw non-essentials into it during your exploring and adventures.

3. Assume that we can only add one more MAJOR feature to Boundless before hitting 1.0. What MAJOR new feature do you believe is essential before 1.0?

An actual class system with real meaningful progression. If Boundless is meant to be an MMO, we should expect to have some basic classes. It doesn’t have to be like, Mage, Fighter, Rogue, Priest type of thing. But rather the occupation of the character, like Blacksmith, Farmer, Hunter, etc. That way people can specialize in the area they want to develop their character.

4. Which new MINOR feature should we add to the next update of Boundless?

Way more mobs to kill. Mob density is pretty terrible but I am also on the first planet. Not just animals though, but also NPC humanoids that look like players. So naturally spawned and generated towns should be a thing too. Not sure if that’s a minor or major thing but it’s a pretty cool thing in Minecraft at least!

I think that regen within beacons is not permitted for a specific reason. I can’t remember right now what that reason is, but there actually is one. However there was a suggestion of creating a “mine beacon” which essentially was like a mine pillar you can make which would allow a small area around it to remain unregenerated so mines could be built without costing plots. Not sure where the devs left that idea though.

im not sure if there is any point having a blot are smaller than 8x8, what benefits it would give you compared to the normal blot? you get unlimited amount of blots anyways so you can use them in your mine. having “mine blots” smaller than normal blots, lets say half so 4x4 area and to prevent exploiting it should be almost as hard to make as the normal blot so at that point it loses its benefit compared to normal beacon and with 1 normal blot you would cover bigger area

I thought that some sort of designated scaffolding block would be great. You make it with wood, and it takes precisely 1 hit to break and pick up. Instead of needing to fully re-mine. Mainly for before you get grapples or for those so used to mining thing that way in other games it could also be an accommodation


First i need to quote something out:

Plz nooo, i agree there has to be some sort of system per ressource per planet, but i hope there will be high diversity in that. I think its way more fun if there are many different places valuable ressources can be found. For each kind of ressource you just have to find out where it spawns with the most chance.

Ok now lets get to the list:

1. Which current feature in Boundless do you think needss a MAJOR overhaul?
The plotting system, i had this on my list of suggestion so i put it here instead:
a)2 types of plots
-the ones currently that reserve the area above and underneath it
-ones that doesn’T
Both plot types go into the same limited plot pool but the player can decide what kind of plot he wants to place, this way players can have base underneath or above other players bases giving people the oportunity to living closer together but leaving leaving everyone their private area.

b)The way plots are placed need to be improves to. It’s a mechanical task that shouldn’t be annoying and require you to jump arround yourself so this is my idea about it:
Plotting terminal, maybe easy to craft, maybe not so its kind of a luxery item to make things easier, the current existing plotter and plot remover should remain
When using it you switch into a ploting camera where you can move freely to a maximum distance away from the plots the terminal is build in (can only be build inside beaconed area of course)
You can clearly see a 3 dimension grid of the area and each plotzone is showing if its claimed or not making it easy to add and remove plots, i dont see why ploting should be somewhat of a challenge

c)How many plots a player, currently i think giving a plain limit of plots is limiting to much. It seems a lot but if you like to make great buildings they are spend pretty fast. So this is my idea:
Plots per beacon along with a beacon limit
This has two purposes. With plots per beacon player really can realize large creations in each of their beaconed areas they find interesting. Currently i think 1 to 2 larger buildings and your plots are probaly mostly spent. This way you are not limited by plots but by beacons which is the second purpose. This would prevent griefers from beacon spamming and more advanced players from claiming all the rich places so none else gets a chance to get their ressources.

2. Which current feature in Boundless do you think needs a MINOR update?
animal drops, stronger animals should have better drop chances or even drop more and maybe you could add more creature specific drops maybe including 1 or 2 two items along the way :smiley:

3. Essential MAJOR feature before 1.0
“Before 1.0” ? So you mean WITH 1.0 there will be another set of features comming? If the later is the case you can leave Titans aside till that. If not defenitely Titans. Another feature i think is really important is a real RPG element, a real skill system and character progression system you know what i mean.

4. Add a MINOR feature in next update
I really don’t know but i really mean it when i say you should put out everything you can till 1.0 . Especially all the many small things because these are the kind of stuff which people will notice pretty fast ask themself “why isn’t this there yet”.

Oh and finally without reading to much of this topic i believe that most of the larger features that are suggested should actually all be implement before 1.0. Plz don’t rush that release without having all the big features there that really mean a core part of the gameplay.

  1. Which current feature in Boundless do you think needs a MAJOR overhaul?
    What I think needs a major overhaul is beacons and plots, the most important assets to the game. Beacons should allow for more configurations for each person added to it, say a person can’t go through the plinths and locks, or he can add to the storage, but not substract. And plots should be easier to place, I discovered it’s easier to plot when you’re with the remover and adder at the same time, but maybe make it so the blocks you place have a green gradient when inside and red when outside, maybe it’s possible since the world regen already knows what it’s not natural?

  2. Which current feature in Boundless do you think needs a MINOR update?
    What I believe needs a minor update is the compass, maybe make it so you can configure what to show, since in beacon populated areas, it’s hard to know where people are from all the beacons.

  3. Essential MAJOR feature before 1.0
    I believe we should be able to try the skills before 1.0 hits, so we can know how much they affect. With crafting and gathering mostly.

  4. Add a MINOR feature in next update
    Maybe a headband with a piece of gleam attached.

With respect, I must strongly disagree with this viewpoint. I assume the current way the world regens ores is to randomly distribute the ores are per their defined characteristics. I hope the devs don’t decide to make the world regen ores to be in the exact spot they were originally mined from, I would likely lose interest in that case. A good part of the fun for me is hunting ores based on experience as to where they typically spawn, not simply finding them and then returning to find them in the exact location again.


gonna have to completely agree with boa on this one,having ore spawn in the same place is boring ( and you dont see ore growing back in the exact same spot in real life) and allows players to gain a massive advantage over other players in many ways,also part of the fun is actually finding the resource by using your wits/knowledge of where to look,personally i hope the devs keep the way it regens as it is.

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Being a bit late to this thread, I’ll keep it short.

1: Resource Acquisition needs totally reworked. It’s too hard to get basic mats in the beginning. There is no way to locate the mats you need, so it’s a lot of guessing, digging, and burning through what you have managed to find. Also, tools don’t last nearly as long as I’d expect. It takes longer to make ten copper shovels than to burn though them.

2: Light passes through objects it shouldn’t and into depths it can’t reach. Specifically doors not stopping light, and a hole 40 blocks deep and 12 blocks inside a mountain still getting daylight affects.

Swimming is horrible. The physics feel like I’m in a vessel with drift, not a swimming person.

3: Titans. If it’s going to be the official 1.0 release, there needs to be a goal to reach for. This may in turn require a full character growth system to make it a viable/good feature, but the 1.0 release shouldn’t be just another sandbox.

4: Block gravity. Floating block don’t make much sense. I know they are needed in some cases to make builds look good. But this could be a feature than can be affected by your beacon. In nature completely unsupported blocks should fall. Probably sand and gravel if there is nothing beneath it, too.

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A thing which bothers me (a little) is the portal stone breaking animation. On the one hand, as far as I have seen, portals can be made in different sizes which is absolutely great. But the thing is if it breaks open, on each stone there is the block breaking texture/animation. I’d find it very, very pleasing if there would be a breaking animation on top of the sum of all portal stones. Not each stone for itself. Maybe I can think of an idea how such an animation can look if s.o. would be interested. The stones could fade out, or a crack which starts an the lower left of the portals and makes its way with a texture belnding to the upper right corner, for example.

Edit: The current texture of the portal stones consist of a mysterious space-map like ornament. This could light up instead of the breaking texture. Interesting would be: The ornament lights up, then the blocks fade out, the ornament remains for a little while longer and then also vanishes.