Planning out the underwater city

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Now since I know it’s possible to build a city under the water (or sea depending on the planet) from my previous post “Would a city built underwater work?”. I would like to possibly start making plans for such a project and how much it can cost resource-wise, cubit-wise (for beacon plots), time-wise (Time is very valuable, more valuable than coin imo), and etc. You all know I suck at planning from looking at my other post, “Pyramid community hub idea”. So now I would like some help and possibly plan out what we could possibly build.

Edit: A dome crossed my mind and has already been considered too costly and will take too much time. Glass walkways will be proposed for such an idea to connect buildings together

Shops and Portal Hubs have been taken heavily into consideration.

The following photo below shows how Rapture from the game Bioshock looks like

The city planned doesn’t have to look AT ALL like this. But would be cool if some buildings used the kind of deco it has to it.

Edit 2: REMINDER! You can build whatever you want with whatever kind of shape you want, you just have to deal with how it looks and how the water physics reacts to it.

Remember how Rapture had different parts of the city dedicated to different tasks and had specific names as well?

After all, we are planning things and we might as well start thinking of names! :grinning:

Thank you for reading, and Happy planning!


I know a lot of cities pre-build roads, but something chaotic like this might be cooler if each build is responsible for building paths to the edges of their area.

Depending on how you set things up, I would very gladly build in an underwater city.

People have to build their own paths as it is too much to take care of if one person alone did it

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Agreed paths should be the job of the “building planner” not the city. That way one could have a path zigzag in their build. And let their neighbor decide how to hook up to the path.


That’s under my current build on Maryx, it goes to mantle. I was going to check to see if light still reaches, but there’s a giant eyesore blocking the entire floor with its shadow :laughing:

but this is what it looks like when lit up on top of the mantle


How planned do you want to get? Personally, I would go pretty hands off. Just build a hub, a sinking totem & kraken brew shop, and post some guidelines and then just start building my own stuff and advertise the new city on here and hope things go well.

Maybe there are more experienced players with knowledge on how to successfully make a community owned city?


Easy to get to… (hub so it does mean you have to fuel multiple portals from the get go for some time until more portals open).
Keep mentioning location regularly… forum-ingame-discord and what not…

Just to name a few…

But its location location location to… as it is “theme” bound you will have to accept some builders might not be interested at all (or just a few have intrest to build).

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I can tell you now that doing an underwater build is time consuming. Not only is there the build to consider, but after it’s built, you still have to clear the water out.
I did a recreation of an ocean monument from minecraft.
Took me a week to build and then several hours to clear out all the water inside. Just be mindful of that once you go for it. I’m just saying this as a friendly warning in case you get frustrated. I know I did.

That would be the place to open up a paid water removal service, then :wink:

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It gets old, fast lol I cleared out 7+ gleam chests for my fuel farms and it was irritating to say the least lol


I would definitely do it if I was getting paid. :wink:

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As for removing liquid water is kind of ok to do as you can swim in it so with 3x3 straight lines up and down :wink:.
Lava… not so easy :joy:.
And have scooped my fair share of both (lava probably a lot more by now :wink:)


So, you know, “back in my day” we didn’t have liquid breakers, heh.

It’s so much better now.

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I wonder what atmosphere type has the best water for a city like this. Does toxic have green water? I can’t remember.

:grin: Removing land to pull water to your build from 1.500m away.
Emptying out 400-600 plots of water by block.

The time waisted back then… i remeber it well

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Not sure actually can always grab a source block and check.

I know Circarpous is blue…

Mean by checking the source block while on said world… what color it has in your inventory… keep in mind water has no “color code” (0-255/256) you can only see its color…

Just so you guys know I wont be able to build anything do to my busy schedule and I never planned on it. Just seeing how challenging it could be to do a build like this and use it as a reference in the future (not the planet, just so you don’t get confused). It doesnt matter to me if you guys want to start building it. I just currently dont have the time :^\

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Personally, I could tell that from your other posts around. :slight_smile:

I don’t have the game time to do this on top of my current projects, so I’m mostly using this discussion as speculative planning, seeing what other people think about the details of it - probably the same as you.

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Hopefully I have somewhat inspired the community to build something

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If i am honest i have time to waist :wink: and i am waisting it good :joy::rofl::joy:
With my current project tough :joy::rofl:
I decided to redo a my build (after a full year of building and coming to the conclusion it didn’t work). And look at me now 4-5 months later I decided i have to rethink my design.

So I mainly but in :wink: on the forum in the meantime while i build. (Give advice and what not :grin:)

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