Player made dungeons


ort ball dungion game
to make this idea possible the game needs two new features. 1. the ability to change the status of your beacon to public or dungeon. 2. a new block. an ort ball stand.

  1. no need for a new beacon type just a slider bar to change the status of your beacon. a few ideas include a. normal: allows you to change skill pages at any time like it is set up now. b. hostle: players regenerate health faster and maybe removes a percent of death penalty.
    c. dungeon players that die respawn at a predetermined spawn location with an array of beacon options like slower health regeneration ect.
    it would be wise to have a beacon cool down once a new beacon status is selected.
  2. ortball stand. i can think of a lot more typs of dungion game stand but ill phocus on ortball. the stand itself would have several flags on it. to start a game two to four teams will take a flag and set the game rules in the ortball stand. once all the teams agree on a the rules you have a set amount of time to hide your teams flag. a buzzer sounds and its game on. each player can take between 1 to10 hits (determing by the rules set in the ort ball stand). once you receave max hits you must return to your flag to receave your hits back say one per 20 seconds or maybe the rules are pree set to perma death.
    once you capture your aponents flag you must return it to your teams flag location for the win.
    this is the kind of PvP I can get behind.
    I am currently working on a massive build “the ruins of borri marrah” which I am building as a player dungeon in hopes that one day it will be a thing. this and other dungeon game are just what we need to draw in a community that likes PvP without the (often) toxic mentality that comes with forced PvP which by the way is a topic for another thread :zipper_mouth_face:
    I am eager to hear everyone’s opinion on this and other games or beacon types.
    @james and any other @devs please feel free to comment as it’s your opinions I am most interested in.
    I have no doubt that @Minyi could draw up the coolest looking ortball stand.
    remember be brave, be bold, and be boundless! :sunglasses: *mic drop


another good dungeon tool is an XO machine. if anyone have played little big planet it’s the tool that deleated your equipped item when you pass by. in boundless when you pass an X machine it will make it so a cirtan tool is unusibal until you pass an O machine.
exsample: you walk into a room where an X machine makes your grapple not work and or jump hight lowerd to minamam. now you must get past the par-course made of ice with skill alone. at the end of the room is an O machine that gives your grapple and jump height back so you can continue deeper into the dungeon.


I like it. I can alrdy see myself playing deathmatch classic at jeffs temple at boori marrah :sunglasses:


I know right!? that would be so much fun!
and I’d just love to see what genies stuff people would come up with.


Yeap. Your temple reminds me of map of anold deathmatch fps game… think it was actually named deathmatch classic. Ofc cannot forget UT :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know the reference.
edit. unreal tournament maybe?


Yeap unreal tournament


another great tool would be the time test machine. once you pass it a timer starts. when you get to the end the timer clicks of and you can receave a prestocked reword from the beacon owner.
you could even color code the the machines so you can have multiple time tests.
exsample: the sinking maze gives you 30 minuets to complete. there are 3 floors so if you complete the maze in the set time you win a prize but for each floor completed in under 10 minuets your reward is better.


reward machine. color coded reward tokens are given each time you complete a trial. when you are done just head up to reward machine to collect your reward.
… I can come up with this stuff all day


@james we need this! player made dungions will be a game changer!


I’m personally not interested by OortBall, so I won’t comment on that.

But the Dungeon idea, yeah, totally! I’d even say that it deserves its own thread to be discussed properly.


feel free to discuss any and all player made dungions ideas here. im EZ :smiley_cat:
I edited the thread title to be more general.


Yes. Dungeons would be cool. After making the Corrupt kraken store. I feel like making a dungeon/labyrinth in the style of the innereds would be cool. Inside the. Belly of the beast maze with shop stalls and loot to be had. If we get keys and chests this would be even cooler… @james :flushed:


in keeping with the sand box schem I feel that dungions should be more of a pallet of posabilitys rather than a set things. with that in mind …
monster spawner: maybe you charge it like you charge a portal. adding a hopper core will randomly spawn a random number hoppers for a set amount of time. add a blast shard and they have a chance to be blast hoppers?