Player models? ( Open )


Anyone know where is it to find the Player models in the files or to get the files in anyother way for a 3D program?


Found them :confused: now my new question: is there a way to use them / unpack it into another 3D program.
I found the dae.msgpack models but wanna convert them into a dae only. Can that be done or allowed @james


Good luck with it, they use their own proprietary format for the game :wink:

#4 is an open standard with support for many languages and the dae are which many 3D tools support.


Isn’t the JSON format your own though? I assumed you converted from a JSON to a msgpack. I guess I might be wrong about that


Actually yes you would have to reconvert it.


yea been looking all over the the net to find a way that doesn’t involve some codeing skill’s ^^ no luck so far :slight_smile:


This might be a first step, but yea you’ll need some way to convert that JSON into something readable by your 3d app. Shouldn’t be too hard to do something like this. Looks like it contains verticies, triangle indexes, texture map, and normals.


I made this


awesome work now a noob like just have to learn and use it -.-’’ sorry


@Simoyd If I wanted to do everything you just just did and said, what education programs would I seek out?

I am good at following instructions to get to files to modify stuff. But I am not a hacker or coder. Sometimes I can figure out how to make certain body parts change size on some games. But that’s about it lol.


a community college software engineering (not computer science) course would be a good place to get basic programming skills. Cheap and practical. University is a waste of money.

almost everything I know about 3d space, math, materials etc is all learned from google. I’ve been doing this stuff for a while, so I have lots of random knowledge from other projects.

For app, I had to learn the OBJ file format, which I didn’t know before. Previously for the msgpack thing I had to find a msgpack library that was up-to-date in my prefered language, which was a pain. After that it’s a bunch of trial and error trying to reverse engineer how Boundless stores it’s data.


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