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This is one of the reasons I was trying to shoot for Prefab houses that people could have… To help with the learning curve.

thank you very much your welcome to help any way you want :slight_smile: we will be linking it to @the-moebius soon if he will let us so you can get there anytime to help out :slight_smile:

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i know what you mean but if we do not have prefabs we can always build them ourselves :slight_smile:

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Here we go again, defining what is fun for others. Helpful.

Could not be more condescending.

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So, I’m not going to point out the immaturity in your own remarks for the sake of not furthering the argument. I won’t actually leave another comment on this post after I reply to yours, but they answer to your question is really simple.

You are judging me, and others (like Godslayer) for being negative and “snarky”. In my opinion, you’re the one that’s being both of those things. I felt the need to comment because this entire post is an example of a huge, annoying problem in the “community” of this game. The players come forward all the time with suggestions for other people’s real problems with their own solutions that come down to changing attitude. They devalue and/or ignore the real problems and other’s opinions of those problems. We are all smart enough to recognize that this is an early access game, but the current community literally avows ownership when it’s not their game. Are they backers? Sure. Are they stockholders in the company or developers who actually produce and change it? NO! Stop acting like it.

As for your accusations of toxicity, I would encourage this whole “community” to grow a spine. Disagreements and frank calling-outs of negative things (what I did here) can be constructive when the receiver chooses to acknowledge the fact in the statement and grow from it. Instead, you want me to leave. You’re not progressing. You’re denying that the use of “hand holding” was actually offensive for anybody who doesn’t like the current operation of the game that you wanted to “help” with your solution. I think your solution sucks. I didn’t say that in my posts, though, because I knew you couldn’t handle it. I think you and some of your buddies on here are some real choice words, and I do not actually curse so they’d be intelligible words with real meanings of dysfunction behind them. I specifically chose not to call anybody names due to the obvious lack of effectiveness. And yet, you STILL complain of toxicity.

How about an apology for your senseless comments? How about removing your thread of condescension? My comments have no benefit to you and some of your compatriots, so you want me to “move on”. You accuse me of a lack of maturity when you can’t take me simply pointing out that your comments are rude and condescending. What an irony.

I expect that this will be quickly dismissed, if not altogether removed, even though I’m simply answering your question in a straightforward manner. I’ve come to expect that from the current community. It’s not going to change, either, until the developers fix the major broken components of Boundless. If that happens, the community will eventually get enough logically minded people involved that the overarching, condescending, god-complex tone of the current community will change. Then we’ll see real progression.

Good luck in your efforts! I really do mean that.


“the last month” (a good joke) is not a long time for this game and its state … sorry but you are wrong! We had a lot of “iterations” with the devs about the way this game wents and nothing happens (see this, this and this - there have been a lot more in the past),. Nothing went to good … only worse (and I say this a long time player and a fellow of B< - nearly there since the first minute).

Is this the task of a community member? If it really is I’m done with this game anyway. Players should try to acquire their stuff by their own and not with the help of others (in the beginning). If the game is too complex, beginner unfriendly or something else, the game needs to improve, not the community. I agree with @CunningCelt that there are a lot of unfriendly players, especially on this board.

You, Sir, are a cringer and any other person can’t say anything bad/negative/constructive without you being against it (tbh there is nothing “negative” only honesty). That’s one of the big main problems of this community.

As your last huge post states, you are. You can’t accept any honest answer or feedback given which is not “like” your opinion and I can’t longer accept such a thing. It’s (again) time for honesty and active players not willing to be silent if the game went the wrong direction (not to be mistaken with “one direction” they’ve gone the wrong direction too).

Where are the losers? If somebody stays up and gives his opinion there are never losers.

Just my opinion … and before you call me a negative or non-constructive person take a look at my profile and my past topics!


I did, take a look at some of my topics in the past. I REALLY tried to improve. Nothin happened! If you can’t find my profile I’ll guide you - it’s here (handholding).

I’m not against you, just against your statements (that is a huge difference).

I, for myself, did this for the past 3 years. I always tried to give this community and this game a push in the right direction without success. See the player count over the past years and tell me everything is “right”.

As you said so nonchalant - discussion is over (at least for me)


@Glychi I think anything we can do to help new players is awesome. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve given away whatever tools I had on me to some newbies just to help them out a little. Even though I don’t feel that it’s absolutely nessesary cuz anybody who’s played a survival/sandbox game knows The basics as well as how to search a forum for tips and tricks. It just makes me happy to see a player start enjoying the game that much sooner with some higher tier tools. I know if it was me, having better tools helps me progress that much quicker and has always been very much appreciated when a higher level player helps me out. So I think anything at all we can do to help is great and the players who say otherwise don’t have to have anything to do with it. Haters gonna hate, givers gonna give. :grin:


Where do I even begin. @Glychi. Your original post’s first paragraph is a thinly veiled jab at players that are struggling with starting in this game. That’s maybe not your implicit intention, but that’s how I read it. This comes off as elitist behavior at worst, a poor choice of words at best. Either way, it does nothing to contribute to topic of your thread, which is to help new players and establish new player shelters. Please consider revising or removing it, there is no point in stirring the hornets nest further, it helps nobody.

@MrGamer117 just leave the damage control to leaders and devs, please. There will be criticisms of the game, the forums, and users. That’s the internet for ya. Exercise some post discipline and don’t engage in arguments that won’t go anywhere. What I mean by that is recognize for yourself that if your reply is likely to only contribute to a downward spiral of negative comments, don’t post anything at all. At the very least, leave it to a dev or leader to handle it, that’s our responsibility.

@CunningCelt. Far from helpful with those first two replies. If you’re intention is to point out social issues with the community, you did it in an awful way. It’s pretty contrary to your message to “grow a spine” regarding and constructively call out negative community reactions when you lead off with not one, but TWO posts that are about as far from “constructive” as the definition can be.

@Heurazio. Oh, Heurazio. We don’t agree on a lot of things. One thing we DO agree on though, is that all feedback is useful feedback, even if it is bitter. But your feedback lately has shifted from being about the game, to being about the community. You’re not going to cure the community by calling them cringers, and unfriendly. Fixing a community with issues like ours (I do acknowledge there are issues with “fanboy-ism” and suppressing negative feedback, I do as much as I can to discourage this behavior as well) can’t be done by name-calling and sharp barbed jabs. Telling people to “grow a spine” won’t help either. Set an example of positive reinforcement and community building if you want to help cure our community. Will you help me with this, please?

I’m going to put this thread in time-out for a little bit. When it unlocks, I expect this particular exchange to be over. I may even delete it, as it does not contribute to the topic at hand, which (omitting the first paragraph) is a very useful thread for new users.

If any of you feel the need to discuss this further, I welcome you to DM me or start a private group chat. I think we can all take a step back, and resolve this like adults.


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