Poll : Titan groupsize

The title says it all: There are many different opinions scattered around several threads and I wanted to create a poll about the needed/allowed group size for titan runs to visualize the general opinion of the community.

  • 1-3 people
  • 4-6 people
  • 7-10 people
  • 11-15 people
  • 16-20 people
  • 21-25 people
  • less than 40 people
  • no limitation

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I will write a post up. which which suggests a titan is not just a titan, meaning i will go for 1-2 people, 5 people and 10 people.


its about titan sizes, 1-2 for the smallest 10 for the hardest which is why i cant really pick one or the other :smile:

As I have stated in another post (cant find the link) I would like to see titan battles lasting from a few hours to a day or so, with groups of 30+ players, each forming sub groups of 15-20 and taking shifts. I think the titans could go down as the hardest boss battles in gaming history, with the teams that kill them being the greatest team players ever

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I would like a system where three really good players can take it with a lot of effort, but five players should be a normal size. If there are more players the titan should scale with the group size, so that larger attacks are possible. But I don’t think that we need titans which needs groups of a minimum size of ten or more people.

For the time needed to fight it I would like a system where you need days until you have the equipment needed to be strong enough, houses of prepare for the fight (may be with building and planing different buffs) and then maximum an hour for the fight. If it takes more it would be bad for many players which have less time. Switching teams during a fight is something I don’t want to see because it would be frustrating when you don’t have a large list of friends (and I prefer smaller communities to have the same possiblilties that larger ones).

I´d love it if titans would be that hard but I think the devs are looking for a more casual game. So i don’t expect some Dark souls X WoW vanilla Naxx encounters :smile:
A good solution to satisfy both, casual and hardcore raider, could be to make (as @Zouls suggested in another thread) ++titans that have increased stats and better abilities for those players that seek for a real challange.

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I would hate for group battles to be so small. I think it would take away the need for tactics, which I think we should use to fell the titans. Sure, a group of 3 or 5 could take on other guardian creatures, but for such a small group to be able to take on the great titans! I think it should be clear that these races are mortal, something we don’t see in games all too often. And this game could be built on the idea that you need a wide variety of people and skills to make it work.

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I sincerely hope that a fight doesnt take hours or close to a day, as somebody else mentioned (think it was vas) you cant really keep focused for so long, im not sure how tactical a multiple hour long fight would be, i imagine you would feel useless cause of the amount of hp and i think personally it would mean that almost nobody would fight a titan.

the problem with being too many is that personal skills doesnt matter at all, you are just kinda there, which is why they changed some of the 25 man wow raids,i would rather have a fight taking skill and tactics than a massive zergrush lasting for an hour.

and then lastly there is how hard it is to gather a team that of 30 people that would want to take an hour long fight or even a shorter fight. i suggested in the other thread that you had titan types so you could have a siege titan like that, i would just personally not give a damn about titans if that was the only type, not all of us can sit for hours upon hours for 1 fight.

EDIT: james talked about it that it would be a siege fight where you build defenses and catapults and stuff, but for me it wouldnt feel like an epic fight that the titans deserves.

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I wouldn’t suggest having 30+ players in one battle, but I would suggest that the group take shifts. While on shift you have an objective such as to weaken a titans arm or to blind the titan, then the next shift takes over and has another objective. While not on shift you will be killing smaller creatures around the area of the titan, creating equipment and traps/lures. Or just resting and healing yourself and buffing allies ready for when you jump back in. Depending on how you spend your ‘off-shift’ time could change how the next shift goes. Perhaps you could get benefits from killing certain creatures or gathering resources.

Yeah i also hope that it´s not going to be a single 1 hour long fight. I´d rather go for 2-3 seperatly engaged battlephases, each lasting for about 10 min.
But i have to disagree with your statement that you would not feel important in a group of 25+ people. I have done hundreds of 5/10/25/40 man raids and i always felt important and that i have a role to fulfill which makes me important for the group. This is just a question of design quality. There are games that make you feel important in a 40 man raidgroup and there are games where you feel like your actions have no impact to the fight while playing with a 10 man group.
In regards to your edit: What if the “titan siege” is just the first phase of a battle with several phases. IE you first have to take down the first armor layer of the titan with heavy artillery while your tanks try to kite the titan away from you catapults before you can attack the titan face to face

@TheGameChicken can you imagine the flame resulting out of such a shift system? :smile:

Well, I played gw1, wow, Wildstar and many other MMOs and I always hated raids or activities with more then 10 people. Guild Wars 1 with its 8 ppl groups or the adventures and dungeons of Wildstar (5 people) were the best experiences where on the other side the gaming became less fun as larger the groups got. Raids of wow were the worst experience.

And also shifting would lead to the need for to many people. There will be many small guilds and those would happy if they get four to ten people together at a time. I don’t want to need more people just to reach higher tiers :wink:

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@Zouls and I already talked about this on another thread, but if what if the devs implement scaling of boss “difficulty” (health pool) for larger groups?

This would allow for small guilds and large guilds, people with a few friends or people with a whole conglomerate to all handle the content and have it be similarly challenging with each different group.

Since it seemed a bit complicated for Zouls to understand (and therefore, could be for others), let me break down my idea of scaling.

1 person - Boss has 10k hp
2 people - Boss has 10k hp
3 people - Boss has 10k hp
4 people - Boss has 10k hp
5 people - Boss has 10k hp
6 people - Boss has 12k hp
7 people - Boss has 14k hp
and so on.

As I quoted, if we assume attacks are coded to attack nearby players and not a “tank” class, this could be a really easy fix to group sizes.

Some may argue that it’s a punishment to larger groups but as Zouls brought up, there’s a very valid concern of people just zerging a Titan down. And if it scales proportionally, it’s not really a punishment. It just lets a big group and a small group face the same challenge in bringing down a titan.

Nah its quite easy to understand, its just a god horrible system in my eyes, as i also said. there are better solutions, scaling is not really one of them. i suggested a limited bubble where only a certain amount of people could be in and you couldnt leave once you engaged a fight


There needs to be an anti zerg system but i think it should be a hard limit and not just scaling the boss the titan should be equally tough no matter how many players there are, but instead of scaling with the amount of players attacking it there should just be a system in place that makes a limit on how many people can attack it at once.

more health doesnt mean its a harder boss, in any ways, just means you would have to bash it longer.

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Clearly you’re not quite getting it. If a player should be expected to take down a certain amount of health in a titan fight (say 2k to fit with my example above) then 5 players should defeat a 10k titan just as quickly as 6 players defeat a 12k one.

And I agree that it wouldn’t make it a harder boss. But that’s why I put “difficulty” in caps

Scaling just makes it so that group size isn’t an issue after a certain point.

I agree. Thus as in my example above, the health scales with players… I don’t agree that there should be a limit on the number of attackers. If that was the intent, then titans are an awful idea in general. Games typically limit the players that can attack with instances, but titans by design seem to be an open world boss with the only limits being any placed on server (world) populations.

if you have done pvp in ESO you will know that you can last for hours in a singular fight, try taking over a fort its normally 30-50 people attacking, with catapults, ballistas etc and then there is the defense side which normally has more on e singular siege i done lasted 5 hours, all but one guy stayed.

(to add all of us were veteran 11 and up)

it was a great fight, and ■■■■■■■ fun.

the way i see it, when fighting a titan it shouldn’t matter how long it will take, you are either in, or your not, you aim for the acomplishment.

oh and to add to things about titans the loot should automatically be divided by who does the most damage, so the guy with most damage will get more gold xp etc (the one who was there for 5 hours) rather than the guy who came for 10 mins who will get less since he has done hardly anything.

Not sure about that. What if you’re a healer? I could agree with it being divided based on the time you spend on it though.


if you have talked to the devs you will be able to tell there isn’t going to be much magic that you would cast, the thing is more based around oort technologies, so oort cubes in weapons etc, magic isn’t something they plan with and by magic im saying casting healing spells, and also that will depend on if they even add abilities, click 3 to activate azuras heart healing 300 per second… we might not even have abilities and i hope not.

+there is a big debate whether we are going to bend towards standard mmos, tank, dps, healer etc, so far from surveys its more going towards no predefined roles, and do what you want which creates more freedom