Portal Hub in Chisel Knights HQ [3 claimable portals left out of 19]

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Brand new 19 new spots for your portals

To claim a spot you don’t need my intervention!

  1. Just travel to Lucky Starport.
  2. Buy a portal token for 1c
  3. Connect with your portal!

How to find Chisel Knights Headquarters?

  1. find SWProzee1’s worlds hub at therka

  2. Make one more step

  3. Voila!

Looking for a good place to put a portal on therka
Desert Themed city [Project]
Wild yaboo found in the jungle!
Lucky ⭐ Store

Nice idea!


Hey that’s something I’m gonna need right now ^o^


Ayy there u go I’ve got mine!

Are you going to adjust these borders off with the portal blocks, or put logs, following your pattern?


Yes yes, I was going to do this :slight_smile: Hub is still under construction. Thanks for joining!


We have 3 player portals running already! :slight_smile:


5 portals already! Come people and join us! :smiley:

+2 new big portals


@Karokendo can I help you with red leaves, so that you can finish the roof?
Or are these ‘special’ red leaves? :smile:


@Kirinvar finished portal hub today :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to get on after work and check it out. The portal to Lucky Starport has been a lifesaver! :slight_smile:


this is the fastest way to go in no time to Solum then to Vulpto tanks to @DoomsdayKnight :slight_smile: I can show the road if needed :slight_smile:


We just hit 17 active portals in our hub! :slight_smile:


3 claimable portals left. I’m going to add twice as many portals on the 2nd level :slight_smile:


nevermind, found it!