Portal Tokens Not Working

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I bought I portal token from the Portal Seekers Biitula Hub, but the tokens seem to be bugged. When the token is placed in the portal on my end, it doesn’t know the distance from Biitula to Beckon so I can’t open the portal. The portals are both the same size, there was enough oortstone in it and the distance is not too far. I also lost the oortstone I had placed in my portal(180 oortstone shards). Not sure if I could somehow get that reimbursed because that cost me around 6000c and I am now broke.

just to warn u. dunno from where did u bought the shards but 6000c for 180 shards is overkill x100 X_X

thats over 33c per shard. just for ur info 18 oortstones in mass craft gives 250 shards. and 1 oort stone cost 100c. so spending 1800c on 18 oort stones gives u 250 shards…

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I had a similar situation when I bought a portal token from aqua embassy and tried to connect it to my shop on Bitula. I had 300 shards in it and it would not open or give the distance between. I thought the token was bugged, so I went and bought another one close to the original. Same problem. What a waste of 1,000c!

do you have the correct skill to open the portal? example the portal epic skill?

not trying to be rude really just asking

edit: I am not sure how far in the process you can go without the skill as I do not have it

Also, if you put oortshards into a portal conduit and realize you need to make the portal bigger due to larger distance between planets (which isn’t explained very well), and you add another portal conduit block, it eats the shards and the token. So be sure to pull oortshards out BEFORE you add more portal conduit blocks. This happened to a friend of mine who spent like 4k on shards and it ate them all. He was pissed! Lol

I maxed my portal distance skills trying to get it to work. I even got 3 other Boundless veterans to come try it and we were all stumped.

ok well then that is not it

you might want to give the coordinates of the portals and where you were trying to start the portal from.

edit and you got the Portal Epic Skill? I know you said you have the distance ones

Yes, we had all of the portal skills unlocked. After this happened I went and bought a token to a different place and it worked just fine.

I would seriously post the coordinates of both ends. .

If there is a bug this might help them figure out what is going on. Did you do this last evening when everything was lagging?

You didn’t buy the token next to a open portal did you? If so you can’t open your portal untill the portal runs out, if the previous person who has it opened doesn’t fuel the portal or don’t need it any more and just closes it.

This was last week, right around the time that the server rubberbanding started showing up.

I didn’t get my coordinates at the time because I didn’t know how on PS4.

Nope. It wasn’t open, it was just portal conduit. I checked before and after. It was bugged I guess

Well in that case it seems so, yes.

Here is someone else that had the same problem. Unable to Open Portal - Blinksecs null?

And here is another example of disappearing shards. The devs mention here that the shards pop out. We looked for them because we thought the same thing. They were not on the ground nor were they in our inventory. Maybe they were stuck in a block somewhere that we couldn’t see? (i.e. they teleported on top of the roof or something? Idk)

This is a known issue and there are a couple topics on it already.

Devs are working on it apparently.

Ye I have the skill for portals.

That’s probably what happened to me then. cause the guy next door to me asked if i had the right dimensions and i second guessed myself so i made it bigger without taking the stuff out. didn’t realise that was an issue.

Maybe simple question but what will happen if you place token for already working portal, or deleted one? Is it possible that someone sold you a token to either not anymore existing portal or different already in use portal?

Asking cause I saw 5 portal tokens for very height price ready for sell for what I assume is 2 conduit portal used by me on PS hub Sochalstin I

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Not sure, but that brings up a good point. Is it possible to tell whether or not a token is for the portal directly next to it? If not, that sounds like a big issue as it could easily be exploited by selling bogus tokens that show the right portal shape (but isnt actually the right portal)