Post Your: IRL Boundless Art

Wanted a space to post IRL Boundless drawings, plans, blueprints, sculptures etc. I’ll start:

I recently bought some isometric paper that was reduced in WH Smith’s, it’s really good for visualising Boundless ideas (and really hard get my head around what way up the cubes are) so I drew my default cog design :nerd_face:


oh… i want that paper
had no idea something like this exist
going to check if its even available somewhere near me… or at i-shop somewhere near


Holy hell, yeah I agree; I had zero idea isometric paper was actually a thing, too!

That cog looks gorgeous, by the way. I’d love to have that in builds, even if it was just decorative. øwøb

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You’re right @ovis that paper is a real mindf**k lol. Can’t stop staring.


did you put this design in to practice in game ? any pictures of that to see it executed? :slight_smile:

Ill dig in to my archive to search for sketches when I come Home later Today :slight_smile:

I do admit that most of my ideas are written on post it notes at work and then thrown away after implementing it … haha


If you supply the materials I’ll build it for you anywhere you want :slight_smile:

I use metal (compact, refined and machined) I’ve built it so many times lol

in case your local isometric paper shop is out of stock


Oh, naw, I meant like single-block sized ones. :joy:

At least, not currently doing anything that’s warrant huge gears, but I definitely appreciate the offer. :purple_heart:

Oh right you could just print out graph paper. Lol!

Old school, meet new school.

The internet wasn’t really a big thing the last time I used graph paper haha (I’m 34)


This place is regened but was the first place I built it, but in currently cooking up more machined gold to remake it on my clock build - will be built tonight. Visible from @Apt portal hub on Antar VI.

@Ocfos oh lol, that would be sick, bit offer still stands for any future builds :wink:


Here’s some stuff, including from previous posts:

(didn’t post these two :arrow_down: on the forum, that I can remember/find)

(and some digital art)

I have wanted to make more glyph-based paintings, and I did start a landscape Boundless painting once but I painted over it for something else – and since I started working on bigger canvases, I haven’t really returned to the Boundless theme much on canvas, probably something for me to work on the side, once I finally finish my current painting.


Duuude those hammers (and the others) are insane! :+1: Glad I made this thread lol, love seeing that kind of stuff :grin:

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Some of my mob sketches :grin:


Love these, I tried to draw a cuttletrunk a bunch of times, I just gave up :joy: Those ‘other’ creatures would be sick to see fully formed in Boundless especially that dog/hound/big jawed thing!

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Thats actually one of the desighns they made in one of the monster art toppics. … would love to see this ingame


I dont typically draw out things for Boundless. This is my spiders nest I plan on making somewhere. Was originally going to put it on alder but will end up elsewhere after I’ve completed some of my other builds.


If these posts made you feel uncreative, youre not alone. :joy:


Wow you all make my drawing of plans look like trash lol.

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Reminds me not to go wander in reapers territory :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seen your work and I definitely would see some on my wall. Just maybe not your more darker work.


Ha. I do enjoy some creepy art. :grin:

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