Post Your Screenshots!


Oh wow! It makes me really happy to know that my old build urged you closer to that buy button ;). I’m happy to talk more about building or just idea making! Just like the good old Kovah days.

I’m actually trying to learn the ropes at the moment ^^ (also on my journey towards level 50 and power coiled machines :sob:), but i already have some sketches done for my next build project. I’m excited to start it once I gathered enough blocks!







Well now… I guess I’ll be decorating our Christmas tree with actual presents then!


found some EA pics off aquatopia in my archives :smiley:

this was dug into a lake


yea but the 16th is so far away


My ears might be lost due to a shuttle accident, but the bars of gold-pressed Latinum should show that i am a real Ferengi, still having the lobes for business. Here standing in my shop “at Shlek’s” in Gyosha-Mall on Gyosha Ophin ^^ (the numbers on the wall have the corresponding rules of aquisition under them)


4 towers are better than one


Little Chisel Town growing!


After ages of gathering and finding colors, it feels so good to finally start building :sob:


im in love with your color pick!


I must say, opening up personal portals has made playing boundless 10x more fun for me! Trying to make my own personal portal hub disguised into my balcony and windows :eyes:



It’s Winter in on Refgar. Better wear your woolies!


It’s simply divine looking :slight_smile:


Makes me a bit sad snow won’t be here to stay. Looks great wherever I’ve seen it.


Refgar and Gellis are both lovely planets to get lost on. I tend to forget what it was that I’d intended to do there during my trips as soon as I see a pretty house, and wind up sightseeing for hours…eventually going home with near-empty pockets and a Screenshots folder full of wonderful builds. :slight_smile:


Here us an update pic on the quad tower, I may go higher , your opinions are appreciated



The snow effect is nothing to do with christmas except that during the event there will be much more snow than usual