Post Your Screenshots!


Views of & from my house and my gardens :slight_smile:

Nighttime is beautiful

My glowing gardens


that is a nice house!
reminds me about this one:


You did way better job with your gardens. :grin: That motivates me now to go back to my villa and work on the flora :sunglasses: This was my 1st build - looong time ago. I have never managed to truly finish details - always chasing other ideas somewhere.


Boundmore: “Lol you’re picking flowers? laaaame”
Me: “they are 16 exp each bro chilllllll”
Boundmore a day later on this thread: “wow flora is beautiful gotta pick flowers and do garden things whEEEE”


Thank you! I’m never satisfied with mine-- I’ve torn down my house and rebuilt it tons of times. Hopefully I’ll let this one stay for awhile lol. Nice house & shots though!


@oAnna I lowkey downloaded the third one to use as a background. 10/10 :cherry_blossom:


Hahaha, awesome :joy:


as for nature and light:

this game doesnt seem to stop surprising me with its beauty


never ending love towards planetary spectacles


Some more pretty shots from my house. :heart_eyes::rose::sunny:


ah, the first one! :sunglasses:


Naturally funky colors of Vulpto night combine with different colors of gleam to create quite interesting lighting.



*photo courtesy of h3yjo i believe


Slightly awkward encounter with @Scratchnwiff and @DanBeforeTime in the bathhouse…


Shhhhh. Just let it happen…


its so wrong…


Does really old screenshots count?


Some shots from Munteen VII from the top of Miners Bluff


looks like on the second pic if you just move a bit left and lower you would see mine


That’s at the back of the bluff… can just about see your place hiding behind the big floating islands in this one :smiley: