Post Your Screenshots!


i wonna fight this in the water yaya that get me hunting :sunglasses:


what planet are you on need come see this :smile:


Near Boori PS hub :3 this shark is really masterpiece


That is just incredible. :slight_smile:


Had a blast last night with a group of people going through my obstacle coarse and labyrinth. We all left with death penalty’s and a smile on our faces. Also would like to welcome the new members.
REAPERS you are worthy! Thanks again for playing along.


Found a ginormous cave world on Boundless Testing planet Kauruschaedi;
Nice :grin: :+1: :+1:


New builds in and around Sasquatchville on Alder

Thanks to @LaserTech for his magnificent LED animation and @PrincessMaude for working with me on the bridge


That’s amazing!
I’m totally up for a cave city once something like this pops up in the live universe!
With hanging buildings and bridges everywhere and stuff!


There is a cave city in live game. It’s on a level 1 planet. They also have an underground lake too. Can’t remember where, I’ll have to check when I get home.




Thanks Hababas! You made our Maybe Tower famous! :slightly_smiling_face:


Had a bunch more people through the Reaper Trials last night. Lots of fun again. Thanks for coming out and thanks to anyone who joined.

Even the great @ILegend popped by and gave it a shot.
Still waiting for @james and the rest of the devs to come give it a shot. ARE YOU WORTHY? :flushed: lol.


I just started playing a few days ago, I am level 10, and went to planet Alder, picked a random location and burrowed into the side of a mountain …this is my humble little cave home!

Everything I’ve done in the game so far has been all around my cave :joy: I am almost ready to start exploring and hope to meet you all and see the epic awesome homes you folks created!


This reminds me of when I started playing. A buddy and I dug into an ice mountain on solum and ended up building a castle out of it. Good times!


You’re doing better than I was at level 10! Nice little cosy cave :slight_smile:
Look forward to seeing you around


Thanks catfud and Peyago, I got lucky because the back of my cave home is a natural HUGE cave that I got a lot of good stuff from. I even found Iron! Maybe this is a good spot for my mountain castle too :sunglasses:


Got a beautiful shot of the Flower Basket, Shop 127, while doing maintenance on the Gyosha Mall :blush:


WIP :slight_smile:


Whoa! That’s a super intricate build!
(Like an awesome dungeon)