Post Your Screenshots!


Very nice! Glad to see more people building in medieval style! Gotta come pay you a visit some day!


Ye i cracked it. Wasnt too hard.
Temple of light


Would love to have you drop by sometime :stuck_out_tongue:


gotta give some love to Bayern!
i went there and was pleasently surpriced how great and clear their infoboard is!


my inspiration is back! let’s go Eco this time!


Few pics from 1h work :slight_smile: pretty pleased how this turns out.
using Night Orange Meta bricks, Light orange twisted lumber.


As an artist i can say that the word “inspiration” invented by lazybones) Just sometimes it happens that you need to do something other than drawing, that’s all)

PS:Just some fresh screenshots… Sometimes I wonder how hard-working people can be and can’t find the answer


Yeap usually i grab a coffee and browse some pinterest pics :stuck_out_tongue: .
Im no means good builder but i try to do my best


That Iron Cavern is amazing!


Due to Pies and Masscraft getting nerfed, I totally ruined my social and IRL life this last week to mine and mass craft. Lots of this is purely from mining and not only from Masscrafting.

I used lots of teaching pies, even more fast brews. I watched many seasons of First We Feast and drove my grades into the ground for this. Was it worth it? I dunno. At least it nearly doubled my plots.


some progress pics.


Now all you need is eco farming!


That place will be completely self-sustainable!


Chateau Excelsior is getting a bit of work done , drop by for a look .


That’s fancy


But, Bones… You’re a Doctor, not an Architect! (oops. letting my inner trekkie show)

Seriously though, USS Excelsior is looking… (doh, did it again) ahem… Excelsior is looking amazing! I’d love to have a sample of your brain’s creative centers and have them implanted into mine. I really like your work! When can you be ready for surgery? I’ll be standing by. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


waiting for solar panels :smiley:


Where is this?


I plan to put farm stuff to my roof ^^


It’s Chateau Excelsior/Bastion on Maryx!My portals are called " Bastion Market"20190409143808_1|690x388