Post Your Screenshots!


Ultima dzassak hub has 1x2 portal called “Eco”


Just visted, looks awesome - love the theme :fist:


I haven’t even finished the framework of this up and coming castle, and it’s already netted me over 60k prestige. This is gonna be one big castle!


That looks really nice, going to have to go collect some of that if I can.


I saw that Finata was falling so, I built a little something to prop it up…

Nah, seriously though, R3D’s 2.0 is taking shape.

I’m going to leave the height of the towers here for now until I get my workshop moved and the shops open. They’ll get to their Max Height potential soon enough.

Just started the frame work for the shops and portal hub.

All this is taking longer than I thought. Mining, processing and refining all the silver is a bit of a pain lol. I’ll get there in the end though. :slight_smile:


Thx. Just a little settlement still. Slowly growing ^^


That is looking fantastic! Will have to pop over for a visit


That moment when you’ve been mining away in the dark then suddenly break through…there’s a whole world out there!


Thanks, Catfud! :smiley:

I hope to have the portals up and running within the next couple of days. I’ll give coordinates too for those who are already nearby on this world. I’ll post here again with a couple of new screenshots and details once they’re up and running. :slight_smile:


Explored Raken.


I have finally added the golden cog to The Golden Cog’s bridge! The reflection of the water in this game is next level, I want to know who initially came up with that idea.

More to come to The Golden Cog soon :fist:


Slartibartfast? Also does a really good job on fjords.


Wouldn’t know what the water reflection looked like without screenshots like those.


That’s gorgeous, nice work!! :slight_smile:

This one of mine is just silliness, but noticed there weren’t any graveyards in the Oortiverse that I’d seen, so remedied that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Mostly just jokes but put a couple actual memorials in there. I may expand this later. I did get the date right on the tombstone for dying by falling meteorite though, as that saved on the trophy, others were guesses, but from now on, any particularly interesting death might get me a new tombstone. :wink:


I think there was in little japan,but well thats gone pretty much .


I went through little japan the other day. I was so sad to see what had happened.


Ye life happens i guess :confused:


There’s a graveyard in anvil on segi. Since they all went on hiatus tho there’s really no portals to anything there. The whole town is pretty much a ghost town except for 1 or 2 people


The graveyards in the ghost towns are appropriate at least! :wink: I’ll have to check that one out! I like to see random IRL stuff like pools and cemeteries and such.