Post Your Screenshots!


Made some good progress tonight on the Workshop & Storage area… Until I ran out of bricks. Doh!

Complete with Roof Garden over the entrance and a Roof Top Bridge toward the capital…

Also made some good progress on the Shop & Portal Hub Area too…

Hopefully I’ll get to adding the shop stands and Portals tomorrow and then start getting the Machines, Coils and Storage Blocks set up. :slight_smile:


Poor quality but my little work in progress Melissa Majoria :slight_smile:

Spot my first attempt at a bee sculpture :laughing: he will be reworked one day


Something I’ve been building today :slight_smile:


That’s an awesome idea :slight_smile: Would be awesome if an Explanet spawned with a graveyard :neutral_face:

Hahah adding a tombstone for each time you die is a funny idea too, I got randomly hit by a meteor the other day. I heard it and looked up to find it and boom! I literally jumped up and nearly spilled my coffee… I should probably play with the volume turned down a bit :joy:


Gotho had a cemetery biome like the one on Besevrona and a couple other existing planets. Not as fun as @bucfanpaka’s tho. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::coffin::skull:


Thanks Toumashii and Ovis! :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure I was messing around in my inventory when I got hit… before that there were a couple times I was actually TRYING to get hit for the trophy, then came when I wasn’t expecting it!

Virresss, Trickyy90, and C0ND1T10NR3D, those are all great, nice work!! :sunglasses:


Ah thats awesome, I really need to start exploring planets more :fist:

@bucfanpaka Never fanny about with your inventory in a war zone!! :joy:


Reapers Ninja Warrior Championship Course. Just need a few thousand more glass installed.


My Enchanter’s Tower is so enchanting at night! :crescent_moon:

*Credit for the Starwars idea goes to @shapehun


little trolling?)
add: searching for translation and saw that this word looks little different on russian) maybe i mean little joke)


I don’t know what you mean. Trolling would mean I was bothering you in game. Which I don’t think I have… YET! Mwahahahaha. Sorry just kidding. Lol.


hard to understand tone of words in an unknown language) so thats why russians often seems rude, just because don’t know how explain yourself by foreign language) sorry if im not clear, tryhard)


Oh, Alcyon …


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v::beers::handshake:. Maybe these emojis will help bridge the communication gap.


Sooooo??? You are was joking about glass?? :yum:
i hate when see the posts without screenshots :joy:


Hi all , I’m still chipping away at the old Chateau Excelsior . I hope you all drop by to see it’s evolution.



How many plots is your build?


It’s 922 plots so far. It’ll be a few more by the time I’ve finished the workshop and then the towers. The towers will be max height.


Thanks! I got a sudden urge to build something big which is odd because im not a builder so yea thats why i asked just to get a rough scale. :wink: I’m looking forward to seeing your workshop get completed!