Post Your Screenshots!


The new Workshop building is just about done. I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Time to start moving the machines into their new home. But first, some screenies… :slight_smile:

Can you tell that I like roof gardens?

This section at the back and under the bridge still needs to be finished. It’ll be a surplus storage area.

I think I have plenty of room inside for all the machines and lots of elbow room.

That’s all for now folks. I’ll be setting up shop, revealing the location and opening the portals very soon now. So watch that space… Over there… No, not there. THERE! Oh nevermind. Laters! :stuck_out_tongue:


nice clean style, sir! :sunglasses:


For sure; wel done :+1:
Keep on building :grinning:


Quick Update:

Main Workshop is up and running… 4 of each machine, all fully powered. Centraforge will have it’s own area.

Looking forward to getting settled in. :slight_smile:


Nice color scheme


One of my favourite builds, have you released the location of it yet?


Seen from Kol Huroo, left to right:

  • Galan
  • Houchus I
  • Malurialakrib (I think)
  • Alcyon


You know I’ve seen your work and therefore, I’m flattered by that comment. Thank you.

I haven’t revealed the location just yet. I was due to, but I got a little side tracked by some early Easter weekend shenanigans and right now I’m nursing a late night creeping hangover and a banging headache lol. Self inflicted and therefore, I seek nor deserve sympathies lol.

Hopefully I’ll shake it off and finish off the build’s snag list and open the portals later today/tomorrow and do the whole ‘Big Reveal’ thing. :slight_smile: .


Your welcome buddy :fist:

Hahah I know how you feel :wink: Self inflicted ‘bad feels’ are the worst, you get zero sympathy and you still have up have the bad feels :joy:

Well I’ll be looking forward to the big reveal and will be nosing around taking inspiration as soon as✊


short review on these 2
Crav = my eyes hurt cause of red
Colus Te = good for us explorers but i doubt many people went there cause its “just” tier4 :slight_smile: nice colors!


LOL. I wonder how many people really did see the Tier level and said that.


Something’s happening to my Portals… The view on the other side is different…

Stepping through to see what’s going on…

This isn’t Gellis! This is my new place on Antar VI. Wait, what? Where did these come from?..

But, But… I’m not ready! There’s still so much to do! Oh… frack it. I may as well leave them open now. What’s done is done - sigh - :stuck_out_tongue:

Consider this a ‘soft launch’ folks. I’ve still a bucket ton to do and a ton of stuff to get onto Shop Stands etc. but I’ve opened the doors. There’s also a portal from The Antar VI PS Hub and I’ll be opening more portals over the next few days. There’s options for custom portals for you guys to link your own shops etc. to but more on that later.

I’ll post a new thread soon with the details of the official opening. There’ll be some giveaways and a couple of other fun things for you to get involved in if you’re up for it. So, stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve done it. I’ve torn down my two bases and am starting to rebuild anew.

Goodbye, Lefra Oasis:

Goodbye, Studio Schoffer:

It’s time for the next chapter to come, bigger and grander this time, I suppose!


Mad props for people who build, what i presume to be your main base, on tier 5/6 worlds. Very rare to see, but love it when i do.

It’s a shame it had to go, I woulda used my own plots to save that build on cardass if i had known


haha…yeah, it was my main base and a bit of a hulker at some 800ish plots. I admit I was pretty attached to it, but in the end I wanted to start something new and it needed to make way. I suppose I can think of it as my own little sand mandala. :slight_smile:

I too really admire the folks who continue to build on higher tier planets- not just for the difficulty, but for the way that the exotic terrain and atmosphere enables or enhances some really unique concepts. It also introduces new challenges, like the need for mob-proofing. Definitely cool stuff to see, I gotta say!


Popped over to Lasaina to grab some of the dark grey gravel and found this lovely place right next to the PS hub…
what a great idea!
Saved me a bunch of time…which I’ve now wasted making this post…but worth it!


I know I’ve been going nuts posting screenies of R3DF1RE lately, so this is my last one on this thread for a while. I’ll save the rest for the official opening thread. I’m really happy with how it’s all shaping up. Feel free to pop by sometime and have a look around. Details of the currently existing portals are in a post above. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Wow… I just checked through my screenshots, checking dates. Right now, it’s exactly 1 Month ‘To The Day’ since I started this build!.. Here’s where it all began…

Happy 1 Month Anniversary, R3DF1RE…! lol :smiley:


Star- and Moon Store on Arie (River Towns) :slight_smile:


My latest build/shop


You are hiding some kind of giants mechas robots under this place right?