Post Your Screenshots!


I just love the views from up here …


Some shots taken by @Scratchnwiff. I wanted to share them;


And here are some from mine and @Spoygg’s digging adventures. Pre-update mind you…


If you ever find that things just aren’t going your way. Killed by hoppers, your build just isn’t turning out right, car was stolen this morning! You now have an option


But why should we blame Jeff? :thinking:


Why shouldn’t we?


Well, I don’t know him to have done me any harm… Has he somehow? :cold_sweat:


You never know. Best to just lay down a preemptive blame… just to be safe :wink:


Well, I blame Jeff for not explaining why we should blame Jeff. :confused:


See doesn’t that feel good :smile_cat:


No :stuck_out_tongue:

And although my main place is in Therka, this is what I’m building in Solum, with @Raykor.

My “half” is the one with the pillars and the portal. @Raykor is still starting out so he doesn’t have a lot to show yet.

Oh yes and bonus pic:

Bright in here...


LOL awwwe man.


Sunrise on Epsilo.


Do you mind if we share these pics on our facebook page?


When you jump out of lava with new jumping skillz like a boss! (hint: look at health)


Septerfon lava plants…


The campfire makes a great decorative block, sadly it doesn’t give a lot of light, although the small amount it does give has a very nice colour too.



I don’t know if it’s just because Vulpto is foggy or screenshots in steam are low res that made this indiscernible. That actually is a wildstock on top of the cliff trying to be a wolf on a full moon :grin:

Edit: Adding my camp in Vulpto :slight_smile:

I prefer small and humble builds :slight_smile:


This is going to be my new way of life for now on :joy: