Post Your Screenshots!


freestyling continues … some sort of wooden mansion coming up :smiley:


Freestyling is how I build as well :D!,20190513213453_1|690x388



Lol. I saw you and then you disappeared. I made a spot for you. It’s east to west though so I’ll open it from my end that way the portal isn’t sideways. Or i’ll Make another portal north to south. I have another spot I can do.


Started working on sections of storage, this one is under my bridge in a sunset :sunny:


meanwhile on Boori…


Thanks! :slight_smile: Whichever you’d prefer - though I wouldn’t want you to have to use your own shards, so the latter might be better so that I can do the opening. If you did that, I’ll be on this evening and can come grab the token and open, thanks again! Appreciate it! Sorry for the disappearing act there, haha!


Hmm I thought the side that you put the shards in had to be n/s facing and the exit could be any direction


You can open the portal in the direction you’re facing.

There’s no way to control the other end it’s n/s.


You can also open the portal from the non-fueled end if you need the exit to open the other way (by opening it from the side if I remember rightly), but of course, then the fueled end will be facing n/s.

Edit: After some testing, it seems this method is no longer working. Sorry :frowning:


Interesting I’ve never been at both ends before. I and several other people know have been frustrated by this thanks for the tip. It wouldn’t help if there’s nobody at the other end but most people know to set up their incoming portals for n/s as it is.

EDIT: Actually when I opened it, it opened n/s even though I was facing directly east.

If you know a way to turn this I would love to learn it.


Sorry - seems my information is somewhat outdated. I just did some testing on the test server and it’s no longer possible to open them that way (The last time I used that method was back in early access). Apologies for the mis-information!


You have to open it from the east west side. It always opened the other end North to south. I with they’d change the flip exit to turn exit 90 degrees.


Yeah, that would be nice! On thinking on it then, yep, seems for sure to be best if you want to do a N/S one, then I can open and feed it, not have to bother you with any of that. Thanks again!! :slight_smile:


This is really nice. I’m inspired by your build.


today i went for the roof. picked Dark Blue metabricks. thx @almund for the bricks!


my most recent local portal to Sasquatchville, on the edge of Tiggersville, Alder


This was a good day. I want to do it again. Looking at you Karo. . . Dash . . . Viresss. A song comes to mind. . . ah nevermind.


Who’s hunt was that? Also where’s that at? Very nice sunset/sunrise shot.


No hunt. That was the Chisel Town community event. This town was built in one afternoon and streamed live from multiple sources. It was glorious. I hope to perhaps host a second coming of this event one day in the future.