Post Your Screenshots!


Etherian woods is One of my personal favourites. worth visiting.


Went to say Hi to someone on Raxxa & came across this :open_mouth:


Just an update ,this lodge would make a great library .


Updated picture of the Oort storage. :drooling_face:

Also the only ones that are full Smart Stack are the shards. I did the stones like that for aesthetic purposes


Don’t we all? Easier to just dumb inventory in when it’s filled with just 1 or 2 per slot


Oh there will never be more stone put in there. I immediately change the stone to shards when I get it. So 72 stones is more than enough to not be used :sweat_smile: guess it’ll be my emergency stone just in case I run out of shards. But there’s already 172800 shards there and more processing :joy:. I might have a slight Oort addiction


Yeah I’m like gollum with oort shards lmao. Go on a hunt I burn stone down every time. It’s a lump of coal as stone I want my precious :joy::joy::joy:


Had another little holiday in Sasquatchville last night, I love this place… :slight_smile:
sa1 sa2 sa3

… Oh, and in my own lands somewhere. What is this? :wink: Well, might be gone already, a few people here could have already seen the uncropped version with the much greater clue, hehe. I love sticking hidden stuff around on occasion.



OOOooooo achievement hunter logo :smiley:


My eternal thrown.



Just another chisel pic/update


Exploring Besevrona earlier and I discovered this inactive Stargate. It appeared to have an Iris securely welded to it and the DHD was nonfunctional. I think the control crystal has been removed. :nerd_face:

I’m a big Stargate SG1/Atlantis/Universe fan so, I can truly appreciate this build. I forgot to check who the builder is but I took note of the coordinates so I can check it out again sometime. I really hope that the owner gets it back up and running sometime soon. It’s pretty awesome in it’s simplicity imho. :slight_smile:


I love Sasquatchville too…very creative and so many things to explore and see…and the hunts are awesome!


I took a wander around the castle tonight, you might have noticed me over there… it is awesome. :slight_smile:

… I admit though that I was really trying to find and usurp your throne there. :rofl: Just for a moment. For a photo op. Muhahaha.


Look in the graveyard. My eternal thrown.


That’s totally what our portal was before I changed it up a bit.


WOW! Someone’s building Dom of Cologne Cathedral, near the capitol on Refgar. How did I not notice it before? It’s HUGE and it’s Awesome!

EDITED: Because it’s not Notre-Dame, Doh! It’s actually Dom of Cologne Cathedral in Germany. Many thanks to @Odeon for correcting my error. :smiley:


Sad that the real Norte Dame nearly burned down.


that is looking very grand!
Have wondered why this game doesn’t seem to have that many huge ambitious builds like minecraft (never played it myself but have seen pics here and there) but that’s probably a discussion for another thread :slight_smile: